by Jim (OR)

Aden and Kenny had gone walking in the woodsy area that was close to where they lived, and were now just sitting in a shady spot together.

There was nobody around. There never was there, and it was nice with it just being the two of them together. There was a good male-chemistry between the two of them and right then they both enjoyed that.

Aden smiled in a sort of shy way, and Kenny smiled back. Even without saying as much, it was like they both knew that they had come there just so they could be alone. To do what, exactly neither was entirely sure. But now they were alone.

Very slowly Kenny started to lean over and Aden found himself doing the same, leaning toward Kenny. Then their lips touched. Their hesitation had been swept aside and they were actually kissing. It felt wonderful working up the nerve to that together as boys.

Aden felt the softness of Kenny’s lips pressing against his and it was wonderful. Slowly and deliberately their lips began to move together, making it even more exciting.

Then Aden felt Kenny’s hand on the front of his pants, feeling the erection that he was getting as his penis stiffened in response. He felt Kenny’s hand rubbing across it, going back and forth firmly. Just as he was thinking that he could do the same to Kenny, Kenny drew back.

The next that Aden knew, Kenny was unzipping the fly on his jeans, and was reaching in to pull his boner out. Aden was surprised as Kenny fondled his length, and then, without a word, leaned all the way over to take his erection into his mouth.

Aden drew in a breath.

Kenny began to slide his mouth up and down on his friend’s hard dick, doing so wetly.

“Oh …” Aden breathed, surprised by Kenny doing this.

He could only sit there and watch as his hard dick went in and out of his friend’s mouth, with Kenny showing no hesitation in doing this. Geez, Aden thought. He had no idea that Kenny would suck on another guy’s dick.

Kenny’s moth made several wet sounds as he mouthed Aden’s male organ freely.

Kenny’s hand started to fondle Aden’s bare balls, working them around and adding to the stimulation.

“Oh… Oh …” Aden moaned. And then, suddenly, “I’m going to come!”

Kenny did not pull back as Aden expected him to. Instead he continued to suck on his friend’s hard dick as Aden ejaculated fully into his mouth. Kenny felt his friend’s erection throb and the thick semen pulse out again and again. It was so exciting and it further excited the boner he was having.

“Oh. Oh,” Aden breathed as the spasm concluded.

Kenny pulled his mouth away and swallowed twice. He grinned at Aden “Did you like that?”

Aden smiled, still surprised. “Oh, yeah,” he replied. “Now let me do your dick.”

Kenny grinned and was opening the front of his pants, pulling his erection out and Aden smiled. He had never sucked a guy’s dick before and he was looking forward to getting his first chance to do that.

The two of them coming to that secluded spot had been such a good idea.

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