Sucking my Wife's Friend!

by Ronny (SC)

I have been bisexual since a very early age. When I was dating my wife I asked her one night if she had ever had sex with another woman and she said no. She then asked me if I had ever had sex with another man and I told her yes and that I was bisexual and really enjoyed performing oral sex on other men. She asked me if I was still having sex with other men since starting to date her and I said yes and would always be that way.

A couple of years after we were married she told me that she believed me when I said I was bisexual but since she had never seen me suck another man she was wondering if I would suck someone off while she watched. I told her I would love to and I could set it up if she wanted me to. She told me to let her set it up because she had someone in mind. I told her that would be fine.

She told me she had it setup a couple of days later and that he would be coming by the house this evening. Later that evening the door bell rang and she went to the door. She invited him in and I recognized him when he came through the door. It was my next door neighbor who just happened to be gay. He had lived next door to my wife when she was growing up and she had actually seen him being fucked by his cousin when they were younger.

I shook hands with him greeted him and dropped to my knees in front of him. I started to unbuckle his pants and pull them and his underwear down. Out pops a nine inch uncut dick. Beautiful! I could hardly contain myself. I started to take the head of his dick into my mouth while using my lips to push the foreskin back. I love to play with foreskin.

I ran my tongue down the bottom side of his dick and started working as much of it as I could into my mouth. I managed to work the head down into my throat and started moving my head up and down on his dick. I could see my wife watching and Im sure she was amazed at what she was seeing.

This continued for several minutes and he said I'm fixing to cum. I started sucking harder and he started shooting off in my mouth. I swallowed a couple of times then held mouthful and turned and showed it to my wife before I swallowed it. I finished by licking him clean.

He asked me if I would do something else for him? He wanted me to fuck his ass. I looked at my wife and she said please do! I slid my dick up his ass and proceeded to steadily work it into him. After about Five minutes I started shooting him full of my cum.

After he left my wife stripped off and set down on my face and I ate her out bringing her through several orgasms. I have never seen her so wet. From this day forward she was present anytime I was sucking another man's dick and there were lots of them, including this neighbor. This is a true story !

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