Sucking My First Cock

by Anonymous

I was drinking at home one Friday evening, when the phone rang. Hey Al want to come over. I asked who is this, he replied your kidding right. I said I don't recognize your voice, its me Mike , Al, I thought that maybe we can get together and suck off each other, if you want. I still don't now who you are. Come on Al your mouth and my cock, we were in heaven, then my mouth and your cock, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Look Mike you must have the wrong guy because I don't remember you at all. By the way where do you live? Al come on over, we can have some drinks and continue where we left off, if you want. At this time I was naked and stroking my cock, I really thought that this was some sort of prank. So I said Mike ok, he replied great I'll be waiting for you. Then I asked where do you live as I didn't who this guy was, so Mike told me his address and said the door will be open and to come right in.

I took a cab and arrived at his apartment building and went up to the third floor apartment 306, the door was unlocked and I walked in. A guy came up to me, wearing a robe with nothing on, smiling as he greeted me. Then he said to me, your right we never met, I am Mike and you must be Al, sit down and what is it that you drink. Mike I love my rum and coke, so I sat down and waited for my drink. Mike came over with my drink and served me, obviously exposing himself to me.

Al, your name is Al, yes, I must've dialled the wrong number, glad that you came over, Al. Mike I thought that this was a prank, so my curiosity got the best of me, we both laughed. I already had drank over half a bottle of rum before I came over, besides I was stroking at home when Mike called. We drank some more, when Mike suggested that I undress and get more comfortable, so I did. I got to my underwear and sat down, sipping on my drink.

Mike asked me if I ever masturbated with another guy, I told him never. He opened his robe as his cock got hard in front of me. He just sat there, with his hard cock, pointing at me. Al take off your underwear and let me see your cock. I took off my underwear, I looked at Mike and he was smiling at me. I started to rub my cock and got very hard. Mike smiled at me and started to masturbate before me.

I started to masturbate as well. Mike got up and got me another drink, as he served me he mentioned that he made the right call earlier. I was getting drunk and horny. Mike laid down before my feet and masturbated with his foot touching my cock, he began to rub my cock with his foot, I was loving it. Mike got up and asked me if I was enjoying myself with him, I told him yes I was. Then he asked me about if I like his cock, I told him yes as I never had been in this situation before.

I drank my drink and Mike went for another one. I was getting drunk when he returned with my drink, he walked right up to me with his cock sitting on my lips. I looked at his cock and said Mike what are you doing to me. Al open up and suck it baby. I wanted to say something, my mouth opened and he shoved his cock into my mouth. My tongue was licking his head as I struggled to get it out. Mike took off his robe, and smiled at me. So Al seems that you want my cock in your mouth, don't you.

My cock was very hard and I didn't mind it in my mouth. Mike sat down beside me, he was naked as well, he took my hand and put it on his cock to masturbate. Then he took my cock and we both masturbated together, Mike stopped and put my cock in his mouth as he sucked me off. I was going wild as he sucked on my cock, then he stopped and stood up. He grabbed my head and shoved his cock into my mouth, fucking me as I sucked him off. At first he was shoving it in as far as possible.

I was in a daze as I got used to his cock, I really love his meat in my mouth and I wanted it even more. I pulled off and kissed his balls, then I would lick them, then I would put them into my mouth as they moved around. Mike was precumin and I was licking it up. I did the best I could for a first timer, it was awesome, sensual and sexy to suck on his cock. I sucked it as long as I could, he quivered, shook, they he held my head as he shoved his cock even deeper into my mouth as he exploded his cum and held me as long as he was cumin.

I tried to get my mouth off his cock as he exploded. I settled down and was swallowing his cum. It was hot, creamy, sweet so I sucked as much as I could suck off his cock. Mike fell over and was breathing heavily, I bent over and sucked him some more, my mouth and tongue cleaned his cock. Then Al said Mike man your awesome, hope that we can do this on a regular basis. I was really drunk and rolled onto my back. Mike then took my cock and sucked me off as well.

I remember cumin in his mouth, I then fell asleep, sometime later that night, I felt something on my lips, trying to enter my mouth. Someone held my head and was shoving his cock into my mouth, I thought it was Mike, but as it turned out it was his friend. He fucked my mouth until he cum as well. I went back to sleep with my mouth full of cum, as I was falling asleep I swallowed it.

I woke up the next day, not realizing where I was, Mike walked up to me and put his cock into my mouth, as I held it I was sucking it. I now realized that last night was real and I wanted it a lot. I was cock crazy and was loving it like there was no tomorrow. Mike was loving it as well, well my cock slave, you will suck me when I want. It took time but I got to have him deep throat me, I used to lay on the bed with my head over the edge.

My mouth would line up and he could shove his cock right into my throat. Eventually I did stop gagging and was able to have him cum in my throat. Mike did suck me as well but I wanted his cock more, one time as he was cumin he pulled out and cum on my face, then he would rub his cock on his cum then have me lick it all up. Sometimes he would have some friends come over and I would suck everyone off, the cum was always different tasting as was each different cock. I am still sucking cock and loving all the cum that I swallow.

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