Submitting to their Friendship

by Donna (Las Vegas)

Submitting to their friendship

After Jennifer and I had become girlfriend and boyfriend we moved in together in a small 2-bedroom cottage style home on a small farm. The house was a cluster of 6 homes within 2 acres of land. We felt we now have a place where the both of us could do and say anything we wished and not need to think of anyone but ourselves.

Early on a cool Autumn evening, Jen called me to say she was bringing her BFF and her brother (who was my BFF.) for dinner. She asked that I set up the courtyard fire ring and start prepping for dinner. I set up the patio chairs, brought a load of wood and stocked the bar with drink and ice.

They arrived shortly after, with dinner just finishing in the oven Jen and her BFF. said they would serve us in the courtyard. We sat and enjoyed the meal, had good conversations when the subject turned to us guys getting caught being sissies. Jen said that when she saw my eyes notice the two girls looking at us, I had a look of fear that was priceless. I said “Yea, but I couldn’t get him to stop sucking my dick”.

With a good laugh she then said that we should all go inside because it was getting cold outside. As we cleaned up and headed indoors, I felt a hand on my ass. It was her BFF. as I turned to look at her, she grabbed my head and kissed me shoving her tongue deep in my mouth. I returned with my tongue and began feeling her breasts up also began rubbing her crotch through her pants.

While we were making out like two horny teenagers, I heard my BFF. say “OK. now lets all get naked”. Looking over to the couch I saw Jen, getting naked and kneeling in front of him. I presumed to suck his dick.

Jens BFF. was ripping my clothes off as I was pulling her shorts down. I ended up on my knees and she pushed herself forward that put her bush right in my face. I got a wonderful smell of her pussy as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her pussy saying, “eat this for dessert, eat me until I cum in your mouth”. I reached behind her grabbing her ass and pulling her to me tighter and tighter as she started to moan with my tongue getting deeper and deeper in her juicy cunt.

Just as she started to shake and let out a small squeal, I heard my friend say to Jen “Oh yea, do that, that’s it, I going to cum, keep it like, Oh, Oh, I’m Cuming, get it all”. As I laid back with my eyes closed, her BFF. climbed off my face and said, “look at that wet mess on your face”. I just smiled.

Jen came over and kissed me with her mouth still full of my buds cum. While kissing me she spit it in my mouth and started kissing and licking my mouth getting her friends juice off my face. She then turned said to our female guest “I love the taste of your pussy, even if I need to lick it off someone else”. I stated, “Then you’ll love this” and grabbed my buds sister, laid her on the floor and climbed on top of her. My dick as hard as a rock, I pushed it in her and as I looked at Jen I said “Sweetheart, let him fuck you”.

I was pounding my cock in my girlfriends best friends cunt as fast and hard as I could that she couldn’t say two words without gasping for air. I looked over and my best friend has his dick inside my girlfriend as deep as he could push it. Moaning and twitching, I knew he just let his load go inside of her. Seeing him cum inside my girlfriend made me shoot mine in his sisters snatch.

I told them to just lay there a minute as I pulled my now softening cock out of her, I got up walked over to my bud and girlfriend saying “Jen, now you two need to clean each other up”. Jen got up and the two girls got into a 69 ravaging each other’s cum filled pussies.

I looked my BFF in the eyes and knew his answer. Without a word, we got on the floor and started sucking each other’s dicks. I loved the taste and feel of his dick in my mouth knowing he just fucked my girlfriend. Her juice, smell along with the taste of his cum was wonderful. I had him hard in just a little while. My dick hard now, I told him I’m Cumming as I let loose another load. He swallowed it and said, “your turn”. I felt his cock pulse as he was pumping his jizz in my mouth.

He slid up to me and we cuddled while watching the girls enjoy them self’s. Once they had both Orgasm'ed, we all just lay back and relaxed.

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