Submitting at a Family Reunion: Part 4

by Donna (Las Vegas)

The Drive Home

On the last morning of our Reunion trip at the condo, we all were at the dining table for our last breakfast before we headed home. During the meal, my sister mentioned that she would be traveling with her older daughter and that her younger daughter would be traveling with us in the truck if that was alright with everyone. Of course, it was.

We all loaded up and left the cleanup crew a nice tip for when they cleaned the condominium. After driving a few hours, my phone rings. It was my sister saying that she was stopping to stretch her legs at a small town, and we joined her.

We walked a bit, got a cold drink, used the restrooms and headed back on the road. Jen and I wanted to have the cousins drive the rest of the way, so we sat in the back with my younger niece. Jen and I sat at the doors and she in between us. As the driving was getting boring, I felt a hand on my leg rubbing my cock. I looked at my niece and she looked me in the eyes with a big grin on her face.

As I looked toward my wife, I noticed Jen had her hand up niece’s sun dress and was working her well. As my niece’s breathing started to get harder and more labored, she closed her eyes, my wife leaned in and kisses her on the lips. Seeing this made my dick hard and it was poking out of my shorts that had ridden up a little.

I hear my cousin that is my age say, “sis it looks like were driving a fuck truck”. Her sister looks in the rearview mirror and adjusted it saying, “You guys back there, enjoy the ride”. Jen now has our niece moaning and writhing with the movements of Jens fingers.

Niece then lets out a small squeal and shakes as she started to cum in my wife’s hand. Jen then pulled her hand out from nieces dress and licked her fingers. Then offered them to me. I gave them a lick and niece said, “if you like my taste, eat this”, unhooked her seat belt, lifted her dress as she got on her knees on the seat, kisses my wife wile shoving her pussy in my face.

I lick her gorgeous pussy with my nose rubbing her ass hole and I beat my cock until I spew my come all over. My cousin in the front passenger seat watching the whole thing said, “good job you guys, now I need to finger myself”.

She started to moan as she was furiously fingering her pussy. My wife reaches around her and starts feeling my now moaning cousin’s tits. She starts to orgasm and screams “OMG. I’m Cumming, MMM, MMM you guys made me need this, Mmmmmmm”.

As she calmed down, her fingers still inside her cunt, she looked at her sister that was driving and asked, “Clean my hand?” Her older sister said “of course, you know I love your pussy juice”. Younger cousin pushed her fingers into her sister’s mouth and said, “When we stop, I’ll eat you out”.

My cell phone rang, it was my sister asking what we were doing since the truck was weaving a little on the road? I just told her “Once we get home, I’ll show you.” Then I hung up. The rest of the trip was mostly uneventful until we pulled up the driveway and went in the house.

My sister asked, “So what was all the weaving from”? I told her to ask our cousin, she was driving. The older cousin was telling her all that happened when Jen said to the group, “Hey guys it’s late and I’m going to bed, I do want to have Sis and your daughter with me tonight”. Then went down the hall to our room. My sister and her older daughter also went to bed with her.

My older cousin said, “I think we should all go to bed too, let’s all head to the guest suit”. The three of them went to the suit and I followed shortly after. When I walked in, I saw the three girls all naked and both cousins were servicing my young niece. I stripped my clothes and went behind the older cousin who was laying on her stomach sucking, pulling and biting nieces tits.

The cousin my age had her face between my niece’s legs eating her pussy out, she was going at her like she would be the last pussy she’d ever eat again. I climbed onto my older cousins legs and held the together with my knees, she raised her ass up and as I spread her butt cheeks apart, I decided to slide my cock in her soaking wet pussy.

With a soft moan she started rocking back and forth. We got into a rhythm and were fuckin hard in not time. I grabbed her waist just above her hips and pounded myself into her causing a slapping noise. I said, “I’m going to cum” she squealed “me too”, I then shot my load in her but kept pumping her until she orgasm soon after.

She and I rolled off the other two and kissed as we held each other, we heard niece tell younger cousin, “Get up here and let me make you cum too”. They got into a 69 and both were Cumming in no time. They both kissed me on the mouth and each one shared pussy juice from their mouths with me. We then all went to sleep.

I am truly a lucky man. When I think of how deep my love is for my wife and family members. The fact that none of us are inhibited with labels and rules. I know the world doesn’t agree with “sexual” relationships with family, but we all agree, if you love someone as deeply as we do, it’s ok to share that love with each other.

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