Submitting at a Family Reunion: Part 2

by Donna (Las Vegas)

I awoke in the arms of my cousin. I laid there for a few minutes thinking of what all happened last night. I did remember that my wife, my sister and my older cousin all shared a bedroom and that my younger cousin and I had wonderful sex and then fell asleep in each other’s arms last night. As I was reminiscing the events she woke up, kissed me and whispered, “I wish we could sleep together every night”. I kissed her forehead and agreed with her.

We both got up and together went to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the reunion today. I entered the kitchen area and found that the girls had set out a “Continental Breakfast” with fruit, bagels with cream cheese and juice and coffee.

As I sat down to eat, I mentioned to Jen (my wife) “I hope you girls had a good time last night”. She raises her head to look at me and with a “smirky smile” and gave me a wink. I leaned over to kiss her and got a hint of that all too familiar taste of pussy on her lips. She and the others got up from the table saying to me, “we’ll just take a few minutes to get ready to go” and all went to shower to get ready.

About 20 minutes later wile I and my younger cousin were enjoying coffee and the morning sun out on the patio, the others came out and said we should get going. We still have more than an hour’s drive to the reunion.

As we loaded up in the truck, I opened the door for my wife and as she climbed in, I grabbed her ass, gave it a squeeze and told her “I want to hear all about last night”. She just smiled saying “don’t worry, you will.”

On the road for about half an hour, my sister was reading a text from the families and telling us who had and had not RSVP’d. My sister and I were happy to hear that my nieces (her daughters) were going to be there along with about 30 other family members I had not seen in years, or some never met.

Jennifer said that she would like to meet as many of our family as she could since she was an only child and was adopted and had never been to a family reunion. I had to explain to her that most of our family was a bunch of God-fearing Bible thumping religious fanatics that do not approve of the way of life we enjoy. They think we are heathens and a disgrace but none the less are family. Jen laughs and says, “That’s because they haven’t met me yet” and we all laughed at that comment.

We got to the park/ camping area and found our family group, parked the truck, grabbed the picnic stuff and went to set up with the others. It was kind of fun introducing my wife to the rest of my family and even had a chance to meet some family I had not met before.

I excused myself to use the restroom (it had been a long drive). Once I was at the urinal pissing my brains out, I noticed my older niece come in and hug me. While I am peeing, she grabbed my dick and held it for me saying “I see you haven’t changed”. I laughed as I finished then told her “Don’t just stand there, give it a shake or two”, she just giggled and let go of it then said, “I need to see you later”. OK I told her as she left the restroom.

When I got back to the group, I noticed Jen sitting with my Aunt Mable. I had not seen Mable since I was in Elementary school. For some reason they both giggled when I came up to them. I heard Mable tell Jen “You are an incredibly lucky woman. Then she got up and went to talk to others. I sat with Jen, asked: what that was all about?” Jen said I will tell you later.

As the event was concluding we all started loading up our vehicles, my sister came to me and said she was going to meet us later as she was driving to the condo with her oldest daughter to visit a while.

In our truck there was myself, Jen, both my cousins and my younger niece. We all caught up on our lives since when we had lived together. We found out that my niece was now the owner of a car dealership that she acquired when she divorced her husband. They had gotten divorced due to when she came out and her husband could not handle her being a lesbian. After arriving at the condo, we settled in for a quiet evening.

During the evening we decided to have delivery for a late dinner. While we waited for it, I made cocktails for all and made our own entertainment. My wife and cousins wanted to watch a movie, my sister and her older daughter were working on a computer system.

My younger niece and I were enjoying the cool evening on the patio talking. It had been about an hour, and she had a couple of drinks in her when she leaned over and whispered in my ear saying, “my sister told me that you and she had slept together a long time ago.” She also told me “You have a big dick and know how to use it”.

I was taken back by this comment since I had just earlier learned she was a lesbian and I never thought she would ever be interested in having sex with her uncle. I asked, “are you sure you want to fuck an old man like me”? Her response was to look me in the eyes, spread her legs and say, “I want a big dick in me, I have never had a huge cock fuck me and want to try it”.

I asked her, “what would your mom say about this”? I am a grown woman and I know that not only have you fucked my sister, but you have fucked my mother too, (who is your sister by the way). “I want you to fuck me tonight”.

I know about my father abusing my sister, but I want to feel your cock in me. I have been married to a man for many years that did not satisfy my needs and that is why I turned to women. I have a chance to experiment a little with someone that has a big cock and need you to do it to me”. “Umm, OK then” was all I said.

I reached out my hand as to offer her an escort to the house and as she grasps my hand and stands up, she draws herself close to me and kisses me on the mouth. Her tongue in my mouth dueling with mine. She moans a little as she feels my dick starting to grow. She then turned and still holding my hand, walks me into the house, passed the others and into a bedroom.

As we passed the others, I heard my wife say under her breath, “now she’ll know what a good fuckin is”, my sister only laughed in agreement.

We closed the door behind us, and this little woman turned into an insatiable sex starved cock hungry whore. She literally tore our clothes off, stoked my dick, she bent down, started sucking me off as she pushed me back taking her mouth off my cock to say, “lay on your back”.

There I am on my back in a bed with my young Niece trying to shove as much cock in her mouth as she could. She got about half of it in her lips when she swung her body around and planted her pussy on my face. OMG.

I have always wanted to eat her out but never took the chance of hurting my sisters wishes and having sex with her youngest daughter. Like my sister told me years ago. “She hadn’t been exposed to things her father forced the other one to do. She is as a pure flower”. I can tell you she was not a pure flower but a pure cock hungry slut and knew just how to fuck.

These thoughts were going through my mind when she started shuddering and grinding her cunt on my face. I felt her pussy juice flow and as I am slurping her up, I came in her mouth harder than I have cum in a long time. She swallows it down and a little dripped out her mouth.

She wiped her mouth with her hand and rubbed it on her luscious tits like lotion. She then laid on her back, raises her arms and rests them on either side of her head, she looks me in the eyes and says, “Fuck me, fuck me now, fuck me with that big beautiful dick until I scream for you to stop.” I climb between her legs and slide my dick in her pussy.

Her pussy was very tight for a moment but as I worked my cock in, she started to moan loudly, she was arching her back and writhing to my thrusts against her. She says in a low voice, “hold my hands down and fuck me as hard as you can, fuck me harder, harder, make me cum.

I was ramming my cock in her so hard that she could not even talk when I bottomed out my thrust. After several deep strokes she started crying and almost squealing like a woman who had just orgasmed for the first time in her life. She was so loud that I knew the others could hear us.

When she started to catch her breath, she coyly whispered to me, “If Jen gets fucked like this all the time, no wonder she lets other girls fuck you, no one can take this all the time. OMG. I feel so drained”. I told her to just relax as we held each other. I kissed her cheek and realized she has fallen asleep.

I got up and went to the living room with the other girls, my wife and sister both smiled at me. My cousins gave me a look of approval. My younger cousin said we all know what she just experienced and now this part of the family has a special bond”.

Her sister chuckled then said “yep, incest, we all fucked the same guy.” I looked around the room, thought for a moment and said, “Thank you all, and you’re welcome”.

Thinking back as I laid in bed alongside my wife Jen, this all started when my sister caught me beating off in the bathroom while I smelled her panties. Who would have ever thought that I would one day sleep with all these women of my family?

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