Submitting at a Family Reunion: Part 1

by Donna (Las Vegas)

Several years after my sister moved in with Jen and myself there was an announcement from some distant relatives about a “Family Reunion” planned for the 4rth of July. The reunion was in Northern Nevada and would take us a full day to travel there by car.

My sister and Jennifer were overly excited to go, as for me, I could have taken it or not. At least until I found out that our cousins were also going to be there. Knowing that made it all seem worthwhile.

The day came and while I was loading the truck with suitcases and travel paraphernalia, a car pulls up the driveway. I could not see who it was but did notice a sign in the windshield that said “UBER”. As it got closer, I could see our cousins in the back waiving vigorously and shouting to me. I was not told they would be traveling with us but was incredibly happy to see these two girls.

After I finished loading the truck, I went inside, used the bathroom and told the women to “go now because we’re leaving now”. We all climbed into the truck and headed down the road. As I got on the interstate, I thought to myself, “this is going to be an interesting drive, I’m the only guy with these four women.”

The conversations turned from niceties like “so how’s the new job going?” or “have you seen any new movies?” to “Who would like to talk about their latest sexual fantasies and desires?”

My older cousin said, “I want to say something”, she turned and looked me in the eyes in the rear-view mirror and said, “With four women and you on this trip, will we all be able to sleep with you”? Then turned to my wife and said, “I’m sorry Jen but I have wanted to sleep with your husband since my divorce,” “ Like we did when we were kids”.

Jen replied, “don’t be sorry”, “I know about the younger days”, “My husband and have I even have a few stories to tell you girls!” I just hung my head and told myself “I knew it, I fucking knew it, I’m going to have a hell of a trip”. I then replied, “I will sleep with any and all of you if that’s what you want”.

Just then my wife piped up with “I rented us a condo, and we will have it for a few days”. “We can do some sights or whatever we want”. My sister and younger cousin both said as if in stereo mmmm sounds like fun. “I hope you are ready for a lot of pussy my love” Jen whispered in my ear, “it seems like you’re in for it”.

Stopping in route only once for fuel, food and to stretch our legs a bit, we found a nice little diner. After filling both the truck and our guts we headed back down the road.

We arrived at the condo and unloaded the truck. We were trying to decide on where to have dinner when my older cousin grabbed my hand and dragged me to one of the bedrooms that had two twin beds in it. She started hugging and kissing me like I have never been kissed before. She started undressing me at the same time. She pulled off my shirt, unbuttoned my shorts and as they fell to the floor, she reached in my underwear and grabbed my now stiffening cock.

She looked me in the eyes and said “I’ve wanted this for so long” then dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick. Her mouth was so warm, my cock got unbelievably hard. As she looked up at me and said, “now dear cousin, put that big thing inside me,” come fuck me now”.

She lays back on the bed and spread her legs wide. I could see her soaking wet pussy was dripping wet. I climbed between her legs and shoved my cock in her easily. She moaned long and low saying “ohhhh my I’ve missed this dick”.

I began shoving it in farther and farther with every stroke, faster and faster as she was bucking her hips, faster and faster matching me with each of my thrusts. We got going so fast that the bed scooted on the floor a bit.

She began shouting “Oh, oh I am cumming, OMG. I’m cumming”, and she wrapped her arms and legs around me holding me like a vise as she planted her lips on mine and shoved her tongue deep in my mouth. Our tongues flicking each other until her breathing started slowing down.

Once she relaxed and took a deep breath, I was on top of her, holding her close with my dick still in her cunt. I told her, “Dear cousin, you’re not done yet”. I rolled her over, raised her ass up and fucked her doggie style until I came inside of her. After a few moments we got dressed and went back to the living area with the others. They had all had decided we would eat at a seafood restaurant.

At the restaurant we had a wonderful meal and plenty of wine. Since we were there for a family get together, we had run into a few other family members. We stayed with them while they ordered and had their meals. Jen had the manager give the entire bill to her, paid for all the meals and left a large tip for the staff.

The groups all went their separate ways as we said goodnight. We made it back to the condo, I was walking with my sister from the parking area when she told me that she, Jen and our older cousin would like to share a bedroom and sleep together tonight and that would leave me and our younger cousin to sleep together if we wanted.

“Sure, whatever you all decide” “I’m just a hard dick it seems”, was my response. We entered the condo, and the cousin my age was slyly looking at me, I gave her a wink and a nod of my head. She got up off the couch and headed to a bedroom down the hall. “I told the others that I hope you all get some good sleep,” as I headed down the hallway, I heard Jen say, “sleep has nothing to do with it tonight”, they all laughed.

As I entered the bedroom my cousin was already naked and had her back to me. Just as I touch her shoulder, she turned around with her arms drawn tight to her chest, looking me in the eye said, “I just want to love you tonight, is that ok?” “Of course, I want the same” was my comment back.

She dropped her arms and leaned toward me, wrapped her arms around me and gave me the warmest caring kiss I can remember ever getting. I slid my hands down her back and grabbed her ass, as she was undoing my pants and undressing me. We did not let go of our embrace nor stop kissing.

We fell onto the bed and just kept making out like two lustful teenagers. When she reached down and grabbed my dick, it was already hard. I slid my hand down and started pushing my fingers in her wet pussy, she spread her legs and whispered, “eat me” “eat me like you used to”.

I moved my face between her legs and start sucking on her clit, I licked inside her hole and sucked on her lips getting as much of her tasty wetness as I could. She spreads her legs wider and with each hand grabbed my head pulling me into her vagina saying, “Yes, yes, do it just like that” “don’t stop” MMMMM I’m going to cum in your mouth OOOOOOO eat me”, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, OMG don’t stop”. With that she began shuddering that familiar way I have seen many times.

Once she relaxed and caught her breath for a few minutes she turned to me and asked if I remembered the time, I raped her. I nodded and said, “I’m still sorry for doing that”. She said, “don’t be sorry” “I needed what you did to me”. “I want that again; I want that right now”! “Are you sure”? I asked. “Yes, fuck me like that now”, “Fuck me in my ass” she demanded.

I rolled her over onto her stomach, lifted her ass up in the air, this made her butt cheeks spread open, I started to finger banging her pussy getting as much slippery juice as I could then spread it on her ass hole. I shoved my fingers in her butt and she started to moan with pleasure.

I positioned myself behind her, rubbed my cock head on her ass hole and gave it a little shove, as my dick popped in easily, she gasped and said, “oh yea, that’s it, fuck me like that”. I shoved it in further with each stroke until I was completely inside her butthole. I pulled it almost all the way out and then shoved it back hard and fast going balls deep in her tight little hole.

My balls were slapping her cunt making her moan each time they hit. I started to feel like I was about to cum and asked her, “where do you want it”? “In me” she said, with that I pushed it in her ass as deep as I could, held my cock in her pushing harder and harder against her butt and started pumping cum in her luscious ass.

I filled her so much that before I was done cumming it started leaking out her butt and dripped down our legs. After resting a few minutes, we cleaned up a bit in the bathroom and went back to bed. We ended in a loving “spooning” embrace.

We must have fallen asleep because I awoke in the early am, needing to pee. As I was about to flush the toilet she comes in the bathroom for the same reason. When we got back to bed, I told her “I’m so glad you’re here, I don’t know what it would be like without you in my life”. She kissed me and said, “me too”, then fell asleep again until morning.

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