Submit To Them

by Donna (Las Vegas)

Submit to them

My wife and sister were out on the patio by the pool one evening. They were having cocktails and enjoying each other’s conversations.

I joined them and brought out some crackers, chips, cheese and dip. The sun was setting, and it was a perfect evening to just relax and enjoy the summer breeze.

As I placed the foods on the table my wife gave me a look that made me think I was in for an interesting night.

I sat down and my sister said, ok, now that everyone is here let us play Truth or Dare.

I looked at the girls and they at me with a knowing grin. I said “I think this maybe a mistake but I’m good with playing.

My sister who was looking so very sexy in her bikini and throng wrap skirt. Her eyes turned to me and looking a little “devilish” she said “ok brother, I want to know Truth or Dare? I told her Truth.

She then looked at my wife Jen then back at me and asked, “Do you like sucking another man’s cock”?

I was a little surprised since I rarely talked about my past to anyone but my wife.

I told her that even though it has been a while since I had done that, I do enjoy giving another guy a blowjob. I looked at Jen and she gave me a wink and a smile. Now I know who told my sister about my past.

My turn. I asked my sister, Truth or Dare. She chose Truth, do you want my dick in you right now?

She asked if she could change her response to Dare. Jen said No! My sis then coyly looked me in the eyes and said, “I always want your big dick in me, anywhere you want to shove it in me”.

I looked at Jen and she gave me a look as if to say, go ahead and fuck your her, it is ok with me.

I said ok, it is Jen’s turn, truth or dare? She chose truth and told my sis to ask the question. My sister asked “Jen, do you like watching your husband suck another guy’s off. Jen replied with,” I love my husband and like to see him enjoy himself in any way he wants. If he chooses to go down and suck another man’s cock until he cum’s and swallow’s it, then that is what I want him to do”.

She turned her head to my sister and asked T or D? my sister said Truth! Jen asked, “Do you like making your brother do whatever you want?” My sister asked to expand the question. Jen then stated, “I know you like his cock and how he eats pussy, but do you enjoy making him your slave”? Sis then said, “If you let me, I will show you what I can make him do”!

Jen then looked at me and said, “Sweetheart, as of now you must do whatever your sister tells you to do and you cannot argue or refuse, do you understand?” “In other words, my love, you need to submit to her every desire.” Do you take this Dare?”

I got up, stood in front of my sister, dropped my shorts and pulled my shirt off. Standing there nude with my cock just inches from her mouth, my sister rolled over face down on the chaise and pulled her bikini bottoms off and said, “Kiss my ass”. I leaned forward, put my lips to her but cheeks and gave her a kiss. She then said, “oh no, kiss my ass the way you know I want it” and then spread her cheeks apart. I was looking at her puckered butt hole and Knew what she wanted. I leaned in closer and put my lips on her tight little hole.

As soon as she felt my mouth on her anus, she said “now my dear brother, do it now”! I took my tongue and started to lick her butt hole. I was swirling it around and she said, “No No, put your tongue in me, give it a French kiss like when we were kids”. I pushed my tongue inside her ass and flicked it around. She started moaning saying how good it felt.

I then shoved two fingers in her pussy. She was soaking wet. I started to finger fuck her when I heard my wife say, “Do you like having your brother do that to you”? Sis said yes but come over here and put your pussy in my mouth.” Jen positioned herself in front of my sister then told her “You need to take off my bikini with your teeth”. My sister started to pull and stretch Jen’s bottoms off then start licking her cunt.

After her first taste of my wife’s cunt tonight, sis twisted over and had Jen sit directly on her face. I pulled my tongue and fingers out then climbed between my sister’s legs. Reaching down I guided my dick in her soaking wet pussy. I fucked her as hard and fast as I could until I was ready to cum. I asked her “Inside or on you?” Jen said, “in her cum inside your sister” With that I shot my load in her juicy cunt.

Jen then stated, I’m going to cum, eat me out just like that you horny slut”. As I watched my wife shake and quiver as she orgasmed on my sisters’ face. She said “Now let me clean you pussy for you” then dove her face between my sis’ legs slurping up my own cum as it leaked out of my sister’s vagina.

A short time later my sis was moaning and making squealing noises of ecstasy as she came so hard that she and Jen both fell off the chaise.

After we all rested a few minutes, my sister announced “I need to pee” as she got up to go to the bathroom Jen told me to help her. I got on the ground and motioned her to sit on my face. As she did this, She got her pussy really close to my open mouth she started to let her golden flow in my mouth. and when she was finished looked at My wife and said, “I do like making him drink my piss”.

We all went skinny dipping and had a good time soaking in the pool while the sun set turned into night.

When we finally turned in for the night, Jen invited Sis to come and sleep with us in our bed. It is a nice and comfortable feeling spooning two women that I love so very deeply.

I love my wife and my sister especially when they make me submit to them. I will do anything at any time they want.

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