Submit To Their Desires: Part 2

by Donna (Las Vegas)

Submit to their desires Part 2

I awoke to the sound of my name being called. It was coming from the hall outside our bedroom.

I got up out of bed and went to the door to see my sister standing there looking as fresh as a daisy, she asked me if we were going to sleep all day? That is when I realized it was noon and light now. I looked back at the bed to see Jen being spooned by my buddy (evidently, we all slept together). I noticed I was still in my skirt and blouse but the whole night was a little fuzzy in my memory. That is when my sister giggled and said, “Come on sleepy heads, come out and have some breakfast”.

I followed her to the kitchen and when I turned the corner, I saw Gail, Rasha and Trudy sitting at the table eating. All three noticed me, Gail asked if I had a good night or am, I still having a night? As I was pondering an answer My buddy’s sister came over with a pitcher of Bloody Mary’s and set it on the table. I reached for a glass to get some of that wonderful drink when I stated, “I’m simply starting to have a good day after”.

Everyone chuckled and kept on with their breakfast. My BFF’s sister asked about Jen and how she is doing, I told her “I don’t know, go and check on her”. She left to find my wife as I poured a tall glass of Bloody Mary and put 3 stalks of celery in it. I walked to the patio and was followed by almost everyone.

I flopped into the pool and started to feel human again. I swam over to Trudy one of the transvestites. As I get to her, she opens her legs and showed me a nice hard dick pointing at me. Without a thought of what I was doing I put my mouth on it and gave her a blow job. She started to moan saying MMMM you are such a good cock sucker. AHHHH I want you to drink me and with that she shot her load in my mouth. I swallowed it all and chased it with my Bloody Mary drink. Wiping my mouth, I saw my sister watching the whole thing.

My sister told Gail to fuck her then laid on a chaise. She pulled off her bikini bottoms and lifted her legs as the sexy tranny slid her cock in my sister’s pussy. While sis was getting fucked and all were watching it, Jennifer’s BFF walked outside. I asked if she found my wife, she said “yes”, “she’s in a 69 with my brother”. “I’m not sure but I think she was peeing in his mouth and he was drinking it”.

Two of the Tranny’s wanted to “do” my bud’s sister so she dropped her bikini and had them do her right on the pool cool deck. Rasha was kneeling at her head and the other was face down in her crotch eating that pussy to no end.

After Rasha shot his/ her load in my sister, she straddled my face and commanded “Eat my pussy clean”.

Just as she lowered her snatch on my face, I heard Jen say, “get it all dear, you know you love eating your sister out”. I slurped the cum from my sis’ cunt and she Orgasmed again on my face. She hugged me tight saying “I love you” then shoved her tongue on my mouth, as she pulled away, she moaned MMMM that tastes good.

As I got up from the pool deck, I looked around and thanked everyone for the wonderful evening last night and morning today.

We all relaxed and had more cocktails. As everyone was relaxing in the sunshine and feeling the warmth of the sunlight, Trudy asked me “How did you get the name of Donna”? I told her that along time ago when someone would ask if I wanted to go somewhere or do something that I did not want to I would simply say “Nah, you go ahead.” So, Jen and others added that to the end of my name when they talked about me. It is kind of a code.

Every once in a while someone would grab a mate, go into another room then return with a big smile. Everyone knows the best way to enjoy life is to submit their desires.

I Love my wife Jennifer to no end.

I love my sister and her girls without question.

I love my BFF and his sister. I love their parents also.

I now have three others that I love and accept them as Transvestites or however they want to be.

Submitting is not being weak or cowardly. It is being strong, understanding and acceptive of others and their wants.

It is also fun.


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