Submit To Their Desires: Part 1

by Donna (Las Vegas)

Submit to their desires Part 1

My wife and I were out having a wonderful dinner at a restaurant we frequent often. We talked about this and that. We discussed how my sister has fit in to our lives and how much we enjoy her being available to house sit if we went on holiday.

Jen stated that she has a love for my sister that goes beyond good friends and more in her heart like lovers. She compared it to my feelings for my childhood BFF and how much we needed each other over the years. I told her to be care full bringing up thoughts of our younger years because I was starting to get a hard on thinking of how she and my Bff’s sister caught us boys dressed up in bras and panties sucking each other off.

Jennifer laughed and said we should do that again. I asked, “do what again?” She said allow ourselves to “get Caught” by my sister and have her be the “Boss Bitch” and make us submit to her desires.

After thinking a bit, I said “Let’s do it”

We called our school chums and asked if they wanted to visit for a weekend (or more if they wanted), we told both our plans for a wild weekend and both accepted the fun.

My buddy got in on a Friday morning at the airport. I picked him up and drove straight home. On the way we talked about how we were setting up my sister and we both got hard thinking about the fun we are going to have. As we pulled up the drive, we passed Jen and my sister leaving. Jen said she was going to get her BFF (my buddies’ sister) from the airport but was going shopping for things we will need tonight.

Once we got his bags set in his room, we looked at each other and started to laugh. I told him that if he wanted, he could take a shower since I was going to also. He said, “I’ll join you”. We got in the shower and as I am soaping him up, rubbing him all over, his dick got hard. He said, “now you need to take care of that”.

I stroked his cock and leaned in to kiss him, he kissed me back shoving that tongue in my mouth and it felt so good. We were in a long loving kiss stroking each other’s dicks. I turned from him and offered my ass to him, without saying a word he started to push his cock inside me. I let out a low moan as he pushed it deeper and deeper in me. He started fucking me harder and deeper until his dick was entirely in me.

I could feel his balls slap my crotch as he bottomed out his dick. He fucked me so hard that all I could do was moan and whimper a little until I started to cum from his penetration in me. As I started to cum, he buried his rock-hard cock in me as hard and deep as he could then I felt him pumping me full of his wonderful love juice that I missed so much. I love the feeling of his hard dick in my ass.

After he slid out of me, I rinsed him off and then got on my knees and sucked that beautiful dick of his. He started to pump his cock in my mouth and down my throat. He commented that I could always deep him better than anybody else ever could. After a few minutes he loaded my mouth with his seed, and I gulped it down not missing a drop.

We got out of the shower, put on our swim trunks and T shirts then waited for the girls to return.

After a couple of hours, the girls returned. It was nice to have a small reunion with the people that meant so much to us in our early years. It was nice seeing my BFF and his sister (Jen’s BFF) together again. My sister went to make drinks when Jen told us boys to go get dressed. She had laid out our clothes on the bed. There we were, once again putting on panties when I noticed they were used and still wet in the crotch. Then on came the bras, they were brand new and lacey. There were knee high stockings and patent shoes. The blouses were a little frilly and the skirts were short and barely covered our butts.

As we were dressing, we joked about how some things never change. We both had raging hard cocks now. While I was just starting to stroke myself, the girls called for us to join them. We looked at each other, said “here we go”, Kissed each other deeply, I told him that I love him, he patted my ass and said he loved me too, then went to join the girls.

As we entered the living room the girls each gasped, Jen said “you boys still look good as girls”, his sister stated, “It’s like we never stopped, I feel super horny right now”, and my sister said “OMG, I did not think you two would look as good as you do”, “I can’t wait for the others”.

I looked at BFF and he at me, Others? Who in the Hell is coming? I scolded Jen saying, “You never said anything about others!” My sister speaks up and said it was her idea and since she is the master tonight Jen made all the arrangements.

Just then all three of them started laughing loudly saying “the joke is on you two. We have some friends that want to meet you tonight. It will almost be like when we were younger.

The doorbell rang and my sister said “boys, go answer the door”. I trust my wife and sister completely, but this is scary being all dolled up like a girl and not knowing who is at the door. I open the door and there are three transvestites standing there. (They are almost passable) I recognize them. They work at my wife’s firm. Now I know, some my wife’s associates are transvestites but did not know they had been invited tonight.

Just then the big one (Rasha) looks at me and said “oh honey, I’m going to have so much fun hurting you tonight. Then she looks at BFF and said, “and you’re never going to forget tonight. She introduced us to Trudy and Gail as they stepped through the door.

We then served everyone cocktails and set out snack trays. After a little while, the girls including the transvestites said it is now time for fun. The rules are, the high commander is my sister, then the Tyranny’s get what they want, after that my wife and her BFF, and lastly me and my bud must do whatever we are told.

One of the tranny’s told me to put my mouth on their crotch and blow hot breath on them. As I was doing this Rasha came behind me, she lifted my skirt then pulled my panties down and slowly shoved her fingers up my butt. then said “this one has been fucked already, now she needs another cock in her. She knelt behind me while I was “heating” up Gail’s cock crotch. I felt Rasha’s large dick push into me, I moaned as I felt her dick spread my ass hole open, I looked at my sister and she was transfixed on me getting fucked by this sexy she/male with a big cock.

Then my sister said she needed to pee and told my buddy to come over and drink her piss. He knelt in front of her as she grabbed his head and shoved her cunt in his mouth then started peeing in his mouth telling him to drink it. As he was drinking my sister’s pee, I was getting fucked good and hard on my back in a missionary position, my legs were pushed up with my heels on Rasha’s shoulders.

She would pull it almost all the way out of my ass, push it in and out slightly a few times then drive it all the way in, then she would short stoke it in and out a couple of times and then bottom it out inside me again. I was getting ready to cum when I looked over and noticed my wife and her BFF in a lesbian love lock. They were 69’ing and the other trannies were cheering them on. I saw his sister’s body shake and she let out a guttural moan as she orgasm'd all over my wife’s face.

Jen then looked me in the eyes and said, “That’s it sweetheart, feel every inch of that big dick in you”. I started to cum right then saying to Rasha, fuck me harder, deeper, make me feel like the whore I am. Rasha shoved her dick in me so hard that I thought she would rip my ass open then loaded my butt with her cream. I have never had that much cum from one person in my ass before. As her convulsing stopped, I wrapped my legs around this hot and sexy she/ male and held her there for several minutes.

I lost count of who did what to whom, but I do remember my sister asking me and BFF to fuck her in her ass and cunt at the same time. While I was in her ass one of the tranny’s came over and fucked my mouth until she unloaded her cum in my mouth. I was tasting My wife’s pussy on that dick and knew this transvestite’s cock just fucked my Jennifer.

At about 2am. most everyone was napping or passed out. I decided to go to bed, climbed in with my wife as she whispered in my ear, “you’re not done yet my dear” as I noticed my BFF was already in our bed. He grabbed my dick and started sucking me off. Jen was beating him off and as I shot my load in his mouth, my wife turned and kissed him on the mouth as he swapped that load of my cum with her.

She then said as she gulped it down “now let us get some sleep”, we closed our eyes and fell asleep.

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