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by Donna (Las Vegas)

Almost every month Jennifer and I host a Poker Night at our home. Not long ago was by far the best one yet.

We usually have two groups of players, a woman’s table and a man’s table. On this evening however we had several extra people show up to play poker.

The games go as this, Dealers choice, either 5-card draw, stud or Texas “hold-em” are the only choices. Jennifer and I usually start the games at each table but this night we had 4 tables, an all-male, all-female, a mixed and an all transvestite/ drag table. We started playing with cap of $100.00 buy in and each player had $10,000.00 in chips. (Not wanting to make it too costly for the losers)

Jen and I both played for a few hours and decided to make this night special. I made an announcement during a break that we have a grand prize for the evening’s winner. I looked into Jen’s eyes and with a “Knowing” look and a slight nod of her head, I grabbed my pants, undid them and dropped them it the floor exposing the pink panties I happened to be wearing.

I pulled them down, stepping out of them saying that “Whoever ends up with these tonight gets to have my bottom half for whatever they want”. Jennifer then came back from the bedroom with a matching pink bra. As she tossed it to me, I held it up saying, “And this person gets my top half for their choice of fun”.

Jen then unhooked her bra and pulled it out her blouse sleeve. It was a black lacey bra with Demi cups and a cute little bow between them. She said, “This is for my top” and as she reached up under her skirt, she pulled down her panties that matched her bra, “Here is my bottom for the lucky winner”. We tossed one item on each table and the playing resumed.

After a couple of hours, I got out when I tried to bluff and got beat by three deuces. I decided to go change into my waitress costume and serve our guests refreshments and snacks. A guy and his wife followed me into the bedroom, closed and locked the door behind them. The wife said that she heard how good I eat pussy and wanted to find out for herself.

She undressed and offered me her wet vagina. I laid on my back and she sat on my face. As she lowered her pussy to my face, I saw her husband shove his dick in her mouth. She was facing forward, and I was getting good licks of her wet hole and could just barely reach her ass hole with the tip of my tongue, my nose was smashed on her clit.

A few minutes later she let out a whimper, shook violently and started grinding her cunt on my face. I could taste her orgasm juice as it was flowing all over my face. He said he was going to cum and let out a low moan as she slurped his cum down. After we caught our breaths, she said “OMG. Your wife is so lucky to be getting that whenever she wants. We dressed and went back out.

As people were getting knocked out, some had left before the games had finished, the tables were getting fewer and fewer players. Finally, there were only three players left, my wife, a transvestite named Rasha, and my BFF.

The last hand was huge when Jen went “All In”. she held a small strait, Finally Rasha and my BFF. Called and their hands were exposed. My BFF. showed 3 kings, Jennifer with her small strait and then Rasha played down a Royal Flush of Diamonds. She was grinning from ear to ear.

Turning to Jennifer Rasha asked, “Do I have to use the lingerie one at a time or can we group them together”? Jen looked at me, shrugged her shoulders so I said “Rasha sweety, you use them however you wish”. Rasha, stated “I want to have you both get naked right here and I’ll blindfold you two with the bras.

Jen and I both stripped down, there we were totally naked in front of about 10 people. Rasha came over and blind folded me first and then Jen. (Or so I thought) I was directed to lay on the floor on my back. I felt Someone (I think Rasha) and grab my cock that was starting to get bigger and harder with each touch. Jen was directed to lay down on the floor on her stomach.

Then my BFF was told to get her ready for a good fucking. I heard my wife making sounds like she was enjoying the feelings. Jen said, “I’m getting so wet, just keep doing that”. I felt someone put their mouth on my cock and start a slow blowjob. They were rubbing my balls, and I felt a finger move toward and in my asshole.

Just then Rasha told me to stick my tongue out and lick her dick. I felt my tongue touch something and then suddenly, a cock was shoved in my mouth. I sucked it for all I was worth. I could hear others in the room chanting “Fuck him, fuck her, Fuck Him in the ass like he loves it!

Then my legs got lifted and spread apart, I felt some one position themselves between my legs and started rubbing their dick on my waiting hole. Slowly being pushed into me, I felt the head go in and then felt it push harder and harder with each stroke. Soon I had this cock buried in me to the hilt.

Repeatedly it was being shoved harder and harder, faster and faster until suddenly with one final ram, this dick was in me as far as it could go, I felt him shake, I am getting filled with this mystery cum As I feel that dick pump me full. The feeling of every pulse and not knowing who it is. I wanted to know whose hard dick is in me, but I couldn’t see.

As this mystery dick slides out of me, I hear a female voice say, “Is it my turn”? Rasha said He’s all yours now. A woman climbs on top of me in a 69 position and shoves her pussy in my face. She rocked back and forth so much my nose was pushing into her ass hole. I was simply holding my tongue out and wile a mystery woman rode my face to orgasm.

She let so much juice flow I couldn’t breathe for a few seconds. My mouth and nose full of pussy juice I felt someone cum on my face. I know the familiar feeling of a guy jacking off and squirting it on my face. The woman on top of me says, “oh that feels good”.

I realize there are two knees on either side of my head and now I have someone’s balls being rubbed on my forehead, eyes and nose. This girl is getting fucked while she’s on top of me. She starts moaning saying,” ummm you fuck good, keep shoving that cock in me like that, oh yeah, just like that”.

After a several minutes I heard a guy say, “I’m going to cum in you” to which she replied “Yes, cum inside me now”. She started quivering and shaking like an earthquake, she grabbed my thighs and dug her nails in them. I feel thick fluid running off my nose and taste this guy’s cum as it gets in my mouth. OMG, I’m being fucked on top of like a living mattress. I loved it and thinking to myself, “I hope Jen is getting it as good as I am.

Just as I was about to pass out, they both got off me and I took a deep breath. I said out loud that I hope Jen got a good fucking like I did. Rasha told me to remove my blindfold. As I lifted the bra off my face, I look around and there are 6 faces with big smiles on them. It took me a minute to realize I was the only naked person. I asked Rasha What was going on? She said that the true winner tonight, was me. I got all the dick, and pussy I could have wanted.

Looking over at Jen with her sly little smirk on her face, I told her “You are going to pay for this one” as I smiled and winked back at her.

I still haven’t got Jen back for that night yet. As I think of the fun, I had been the center of attention and not even knowing it. I’m trying to coordinate an evening where I can get about 10 couples together and make my wife fuck and suck them all on the 4th of July. Only a couple of months away.

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