Submit for Graduation

by Donna (Las Vegas)

The day finally came when my best friends' sister was told that she was accepted to a university several states away. She, her family and friends were very happy and proud of the acceptance for her.

One evening with graduation just a couple of months away she, her bff and her brother (my bff) were enjoying the evening drinking some beers and having a camp fire cook out the subject of having a "going away party" came up.

After many plan changes and thoughts as to who should be invited, it was decided that their house would be the place (nice big house, big yard and pool) and the invite list would be open to anyone.

The two girls said my bud and I would be "entertainment" and that their father would be out of town that weekend.

As we got closer to the party nigh their mom Sheila asked me if I could remove a door from the "house keepers room". I said I would and then she had me replace it with a solid sheet of plywood. After nailing it in place she had me cut a hole in it and that's when I figured out I just made a "glory hole".

After vacuuming up and putting the tools back in the garage Sheila asked if I wanted to try it out.

Ummm sure. She went around to the door (this room had it's own door to the side yard) and once she was in the room she put her mouth at the hole. I stuck my dick in and she started beating me off, then kissing my mushroom head and then when I was super hard she started sucking me off. I love this woman and OMG. even knowing who is sucking my dick, it was so intense gust shoving it in a hole in the wall. I came hard and heard her gulping it down.

When she was done she returned to the other side and "I guess that will work" and walked down the hall to the bathroom.

The day before the party my bud and I were told that he and I along with several women were to be on the other side of the wall and suck as many cocks as we wanted.

That night he and I were told to dress the part and were given girls clothes to wear along with panties, bras short dress' and high heel shoes. We got in the room made the lighting just so no one could see through the hole and see who was pleasing them. A girl named June came in the out door and locked it.

Just as the party was starting there was a quiet knock on the wall, June went over and started to jerk a cock off. she then started to suck it and within a few minutes was swallowing a load of cum.

She turned to me and said "next one is yours". Another knock and a dick was pushed through the hole. I went over and started to stroke it , then suck it then an urge came over me to pull up my dress and panties down, I bent over and pushed my ass against the wall letting this unknown cock enter my ass. I could hear guy's telling others that he is in some bitch. Little did he know it was a guys ass he was fucking. I enjoyed getting fucked by someone I don't know.

There was a knock on the "outside door" June went and looked through the window and say my buds sister, her bff, and mom Sheila. June let the three in and they were saying how much the guys love the glory hole. they are now going to make it a game. there is a bowl of "tokens" and once someone gets off in the hole, they are to reward the "whore" on the other side by tossing one in the hole.

Sheila went to the dick that was in the hole now and was sucking like she was out of her mind. when she finished swallowing the load a "token" was tossed through the hole. She grabbed it and said I'll take it" "NEXT?"

Jennifer (my buds sister's bff) went to the hole and a large dick was just coming through, she pulled her pants off and said to me "lay down, I'm gonna sit on your face wile I please this one". I did as she asked and while she was sucking a stranger cock she uncontrollably Orgasm-ed and got her juice all over my face. she was cooling down and that big cock she was sucking tensed up, she quickly grabbed my head and pulled it up as the cock shot its load all over my face. I loved it. she then told my bud to lick it off. As he was licking my face clean another token came in and Jen grabbed it saying "I did all the work" and kept it.

Sheila again came over for the next cock as June was telling how I had let someone fuck me in the ass. Sheila looked at me and stood up, pulled her shorts down then let the dick she started with ease into her cunt. She rode that dick for several minutes and let him (whoever it was) cum inside her. she picked up the token that was given and told me to clean up her pussy.

After I "cleaned" his moms pussy, my bud was sucking one and while he was at it I went over, pulled his dress up and panties down. I looked at Sheila in her eyes and then shoved my cock in him. She gasped and said "I didn't think he could take all of you. While I'm working it in deeper and deeper, his sister said "oh mother, we've made them do it a lot".

The girls started to chant "do it, do it, deeper, deeper". As I was pushing in him as deep as I could he started to cum and feeling his asshole squeeze my dick made me cum inside his ass. when I was done and dropped out of his hole, he turns and smiled holding up 3 tokens.

We all had as much cock as we could handle that night. The next day we were all sore and in the garage when we saw some friends drive by and wondered where we were last night saying that the party was wild. I said "I wouldn't know since I was somewhere else." (If they only knew).

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