Submission X's 5

by Donna (Las Vegas)

I had a lot of sexual experiences as I grew up. I had learned that it is always better to submit to others tan to argue and fight.

After growing up getting married and having three children I found a friend that loved Football as much as I did.

We would get together every Sunday and watch the games together. The rest of my family and his was not interested and chose to do other things like shopping or going to movies or whatever.

With the house to ourselves we could do and say whatever we wanted to.

During one game they showed a lot of shots of the cheer leaders. I jokingly mentioned that I liked watching them almost as much as the ball game. My friend said he did too and wanted to see more. We both laughed and joked a little. After a couple of minutes, he went to the bathroom and seemed to take a while. Thinking he was just doing his business and left it at that.

When he returned to the ball game he seemed to be out of breath. I didn't think anything of it until I went into the bathroom to pee.

He had left a drop of cum on the floor. I knew now what he was doing. My dick started to get hard thinking of him jacking off to the images of the cheerleaders we were watching before.

When I returned, I mentioned that he needed to clean up a bit better next time. He was embarrassed and said he was sorry. I told him not to be and I thought of doing it myself. He looked at me and said "If you want I will help you with that". I looked into his eyes and reassured him that I will let him do it now.

I stood up dropped my pants and pulled my dick out of my underwear for him to see. He approached me grabbed my cock and started to stroke me off right there in the living room.

He was getting me harder and harder with his beating me off. He could tell I was about to cum and asked me "want to cum in my mouth?" All I could do was moan yyeeesss. He dropped to his knees and shoved my dick in his mouth just as I started to pump my cum down his throat. He slurped up all of it not missing a drop.

When I realized what just happened, I told him to never ever beat off alone again. He assured me he wouldn't.

After the games were over and my family returned from their outing he wished us all a good day and went home to his family.

During the next week he called me and said that he wanted to have "Football Sunday" at his house next weekend.

Sunday came and when I arrived at his house I was introduced to 3 of his buddies. They were football fans also.

We had a spread of snacks and the games were great to watch but I didn't know if anything was going to happen this time when I heard two of the other guys talk about going to the other room. I looked at my friend and with a wink of his eye I knew something was going to happen.

I asked him to show me the "other room", He told me that if I wanted to we could all go there.

I walked in and the two that went in first were in a 69. Watching both of those guys suck each others dicks made me hard as a rock. I turned around after entering and noticed that my friend and his buddy were getting naked. I took off my clothes and with my hard dick sticking straight out his buddy grabbed it and said to my friend "I like this cock, just like you said I would". My friend was sucking off his buddy and when I came in Buddies mouth he kissed me and shared my cum with me.

After a while and all of us came a time or two, we started telling stories of how this all started.

I told of my love to dress in women's frilly under garments and have had all kinds of experiences. I told of hoe I met my wife Jennifer and that we share everything together.

The guys told me I needed to keep this on the DL (down low) and none of their families nor friends were to hear about any of this. I agreed to the terms and asked that next time we meet at my house. All agreed.

When I got home my wife wanted to know how it all went. I told her that nothing happened but good football games and next Sunday we are meeting at our house. I told her I thought our friend was too shy to involve her just yet. She was disappointed but understood.

During the following week I was told to by my friend to dress as a woman on Sunday and that I would be glad I did.

As they all showed up at my house they were glad I was dressed and even had make up on.

Each one said I looked great. My friend just got inside when he pushed me against a wall and gave me the deepest kiss I ever had shoving his tongue down my throat. He then said "OK you little fucking whore", "Suck my dick right now". I gave him some resistance but he pulled his dick out of his pants and pushed me down in front of him shoving his cock in my mouth. As I felt him push it to the back of my throat he grabbed my head and kept shoving it in and out. I was fucking him with my mouth.

I looked at the other guys and all were watching me wile stroking their dicks. I knew I was going to be the center of attention for them today. One came over and lifted my skirt and said to the others "This bitch is really dressed up" he then tore my pantyhose and panties off, started to finger my ass as then climbed on me pushing his dick in my hole.

He went slow but as soon as I got looser he started humping me hard and deep making me moan in pleasure. My friend came in my mouth and as I was swallowing his cum another cock got shoved in my mouth.

The guys made me suck them and get fucked by them that day. I couldn't hardly move when they finally stopped and let me clean up. My ass was wrecked for quite a wile. I needed to put a tampon in me to keep from messing myself while walking around.

After they left I realized I had sucked 5 guys dicks, let them cum in my mouth and swallowed it all, also letting them fuck me at least once and cum inside me, I was feeling like a slut whore realizing that I missed being used like that as in my youth.

I told my wife the whole story and she got so hot and horny that she made me dildo fuck her while I went into all the details.

Next time She wants me to dress up as slutty as I can and make them cum once either by giving them a blow job or letting them fuck me in the ass before allowing them to fuck her (her wish). I can't wait for our next football get together.

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