Stubborn Red Headed Sub

by Jackwhacker (USA)

I'm a Dom a sweet Dom. I once felt my mission was to teach and guide Subs who were ignorant of the ways of the world. I tried to lead by example, forgive and even look the other way when a Sub made stupid and repeated mistakes. I thought punishment was a last option and should be used as rarely as possible.

Then I reconnected with a childhood classmate who changed my point of view. Barb is a red head and cock sucking slut. I mean that in the most complimentary way, there are many who claim they can suck a cock, but very few really can.

A person must truly love sucking cock to earn the title of cocksucker in my opinion and they must also truly enjoy the taste of men's salty cum with its hint of almond and is raw egg texture. They must love the degrading feeling of having cum spurted in their face and hair after having strong man hands hold their head while a fat cock is thrust into their mouth and throat. They feel wetness ooze from the pink depths of their cunt as a man fucks his cock into their face and calls them the filthy names they earn on their knees and backs.

I love cock suckers and slutty whores and thanks to my friend Barb I now know how to deal with those subs who need to be recognized for their cock sucking abilities rather than treated with a kindness they will likely never understand.

I have found an overwhelming number of red headed women to be great cock sucking whores, and I think it's in their very blood to be that which they are. There is nothing better than having a fiery red head take your cock and proceed to fuck and suck it until it's drained your balls dry. Barb has the skills and talent to do just such cock sucking and she can gargle sperm gallons at a time.

The problem however is that Barb is a bitchy little brat that needs to be humiliated and punished constantly just to keep things sensible. If one doesn't keep a fat cock packed down her throat the bitch runs off at the mouth saying things that would piss of a preacher on Holy Sunday.

The problem is Barb is such an accomplished cock sucker that she knows she can get away with almost anything because she can always suck her way out of things. It's not like she can be grudge fucked in any hole as punishment either, the whore loves one hole battered as much as the others.

There is a part of me that likes Barbs rebellious nature, however as Daddy I had to take charge of this cock sucking cum dump before things got out of control. That's how we ended up in one of the largest cities on the west coast in a seedy motel.

I paid a month rent and stocked up on towels, soap, and anything else the maid would try to bother us with. I paid the foreigner owner extra cash to leave us alone as well as the huge deposit he demanded after I told him none of his staff can enter my room during the month stay.

I chained Barb to the foot board of the bed so that she could crawl anywhere except past the rooms doorway entrance. I first ripped her clothes off then slapped her face and ass hard. I told my slave that she may never get off hands and knees or speak without my permission.

Then I called the escort service and ordered the first whore. When my whore arrived I laid a large amount of cash on the table and told her she would be required to do kinky shit but wouldn't be harmed physically. The whore agreed but on condition that her dealer bring a supply of her drug which made these things possible.

The dealer came and went, the whore and I got very high together. I made slave lick the seat of the toilet each time before my whore or I used it. I also made slave lick our asshole or piss openings clean after any toilet use, there would be no paper used , only slave tongue.

I would make slave lick the whores asshole while the whore sucked my cock. Then when I fucked the whores ass or pussy the slave was to lick my asshole. I had a large ass plug and made slave insert it in her shit hole and it was removed only at times she needed to take a shit. During that time the whore and I watched her shit while squatting over an ice bucket.

We called slave every filthy name we could think of and each time I shot cum into the whores ass or cunt, the slave had to lay on the floor and shove several fingers into her red cunt while the whore squatted over her face and pushed my cum out so it dropped into her dirty mouth. I ordered a different whore each day for thirty days and did several similar things with each one.

I special ordered whores on their period so slave could lick the bloody goo from their fuck hole and lick my cock clean of the stinky mess. I also paid each whore a bonus of twenty dollars each time they could place their asshole near slaves nose and fart. Of course slave was ordered to inhale at once as deeply as possible.

Sometimes the whore of the moment and I would chew food then spit it on the floor so slave could lick it up and eat, other times the whore was instructed to bring dog food to the room with her so slave could eat. I ordered slave to lay in the shower any time the whore or I needed to piss so we could piss all over her.

One whore got into it and actually shit a nice turd on slave then made her paint herself with it. Slave was allowed to wash off only because she smelled so badly I could not stand her.

On the final thirtieth day I had the escort service round up ten homeless vagrant types of men and any women they could find that wanted to get fucked and earn some cash doing it. I was pleased with the turn out of dirty hobos since there was a nice mixture of several races and a wide age spectrum. Here were ten men and three women in all and each was given the slave to use in any way they wished until they reached an orgasm. Group effort encouraged.

After one month and over thirty grand spent, the red headed cunt still talked back to Daddy. I am now open to suggestions.

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