Stripped And Tortured

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

It was a very nice day outside, after I had spent an hour in my dockyard wearing only my birthday suit which I love wearing.

That is the only true clothing that is actually one size fits all. I had to go to the store to get some milk, bread, eggs and bacon. I only had to walk five blocks to the store.

So I put on a sports bra and a matching pair of panties, a sexy and quite revealing tank top and a pair of shorts, really short.

I walked to the store, I went in and purchased what I needed and left. I didn't notice that there was anyone watching me. I also didn't notice they had left the store ahead of me, as I was walking through the parking lot a big van pulled up next to me.

I was asked if I would like a lift home, I told them no that I only lived a few blocks away, as I started to walk away when suddenly two jumped out and grabbed me, one had his hands up under my top and bra at the same time, my breasts was getting fondled and groped.

One stuck a hand down my pants feeling my pussy, I was forced into the van, I was gagged and blindfolded so I couldn't see where they were taking me having a blindfold over my eyes I didn't know they were taking me to my own house.

They took the house key out of my purse, once inside they blindfold was removed. I had been taken to my own house I was forced to strip all of my clothes. I did because I was going to do it anyway, the men and a few women tied my breasts and that's when the torture began.

My breasts were tied so tight my breasts turned red, they stuck a needle through each of my nipples, there was a hook up in my ceiling where I hang a houseplant, they even stuck a needle in each of my pussy lips and tied ropes around my hands one end attached to the needles through my pussy lips.

That rope was hung over the hook in the ceiling and the other end tied around my wrists, I was told if moved my arms that my pussy lips would be pulled wider apart, one of the girls took a stun gun out of her purse, the girls started first, followed by the men.

Each of the two women placed the stun gun near my clit and used it to stun my clit with, they laughed when I screamed when my clit got stunned, the men took the stun gun and they each used it on my clit, again they all laughed each and every time my clit got stunned causing me to scream.

My nipples also was stunned many times, the longer they stunned my nipples was making my pussy to begin getting extremely wet, they noticed how wet my pussy was getting from my nipples being stunned they stunned my nipples for another half hour making my pussy become very extremely wet.

So wet when they used the stun gun on my clit one or two more times it made my begin like my pussy was now getting fucked and fucked harder and harder.

I now was having massive orgasms, after about three hours I was untied, the needles was removed from my nipples and my pussy lips.

They told me that they had a wonderful time, as they were leaving I asked them if they like sex games, everyone said yes.

I told them I would be having one three day from that date. I also told them I had a rule everyone must obey while inside my house. I told them when they come in my house they have to take off all their clothes, nobody enters my house unless they strip totally naked.

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