Stripped And Tortured: Part 2

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

Every week I have a sex party in my house, from that date when those three men and three girls grabbed me when I left the store and brought me back to my house blindfolded.

When they took me inside my own house and was forced to strip, which I do anyway because I only wear my birthday suit inside and sometimes outside in my yard.

They made both my nipples and my clit feel great by using a stun gun on them, but they didn't know it at the time they tortured me with it.

Now every week when I have my sex game party, the three men and the three girls are among the ones who come to play my sex game, everyone strips all of their clothes off once they enter my house because it's my house rule.

They are shocked the first time they come to my sex game party when I ask them if they brought along the stun guns, they said they did.

The women told me they always carry it in their purse, I told that was great and if they knew where I could find one, but they had a present for me.

I opened the gift only to find a stun gun for me, I thanked them very much, I asked them if can put needles through my nipples and also through each of my pussy lips, they said they could.

So they stuck a needle through each of my pussy lips and pulled my pussy lips apart and a needle was put through each nipple, a rope was tied to the needles, one end was tied to the needles through my nipples and the other end to the needles through my pussy lips the ropes were then tied behind me pulling my pussy lips apart and my nipples pulled up.

There were ten women and ten men at my house for my first sex games party, I told everyone I would be the first one to be used as the sex toy.

I layed down on the floor, I told everyone that all of the women were to go first, two at time each woman was to use stun guns, one would be touching my nipples with it and the other one did the same to my clit.

So the games began, I was getting tortured by a stun gun on my nipples and my clit at the same time, I screamed how great it felt when nipples got stunned.

I told them that I wanted them to keep touching my nipples with it until my pussy was extremely wet and my carpet was soaked.

We all laughed when stun guns was touched to both my nipple and my clit, one of the women once again had this dido in the shape of a man's cock and it entered in my pussy hole.

Each time the stun gun touched my clit the dido pumped faster and deeper in me, this continued until I had many massive orgasms.

When the sex games ended about four hours later and the needles was removed from my nipples and my pussy lip, I told them how much fun we had and they all said the same.

I told everyone to see them the same time each week and we will have new and different sex games to play each week.

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