Strip Poker with Mom

by unclemike (Tennessee)

My name is Mike and I'm 19 and live in a small town in Tennessee. Me and my best friend Terrell have an apartment in this town that we both grew up in. My mom lives here and my 2 brothers live in other towns nearby. Since my brothers have married and moved away, they seldom visit my mom unless they need money. Mom's 59 years old, little and cute and very independent. I try to go over and see her a couple of times a week because she gets lonely.

She has practically begged me to move back in with her and I'd love to but me and Terrell have a new 1 year lease and we like entertaining girls. Anyway, about two weeks ago I went to visit my mom and Terell tagged along. Mom likes to play cards until late at night so we brought along a 12 pack of beer. Mom greeted us when we got there and then made some popcorn and set up the card table. She seldom drinks or swears but she's by no means a saint.

Her and dad were married for 40 years until he died 7 years ago so her life kinda went to shit. Now I might as well get this out of the way, I've always thought my mom was sexy. She still has a really good figure, with granny glasses and a graying ponytail, but her best feature by far is her nice round butt. I've wanted to fuck her ever since I hit puberty and I think she knows it. Anyway, on this night, the three of us played a couple of games of 500 Rummy for a penny a point and my mom won both.

She is very competitive when it comes to cards, so she was dancing around and calling us losers. After a while mom said she had a headache and asked Terrell if she could have a beer. Terrell likes her so he jumped up and got her a beer. We kept playing and mom kept winning and she also kept drinking, beer for beer with me and Terrell. Later that night, after winning what little money we had, mom was doing her little dance and calling us chicken because we didn't want to play anymore.

Finally, Terrell jokingly said, "okay old lady, lets play strip poker". That shut mom up for a second but then she said, "Why! I don't need to see a couple of naked losers". Terrell started chanting, chicken, chicken, chicken, until mom finally said, "okay Terrell, when I win, you've got to run down to the corner and back, buck naked". Terrell said, "Your on old woman", and mom muttered, "old woman my ass". Mom had taken a Valium for her headache and then drank four beers so I knew she was high.

I tried to talk her out of playing but she said, "no this little punk needs a lesson". When we started playing mom won the first hand and that made me and Terrell shirtless. I won the next hand and mom lost her blouse and Terrell lost his pants. Terrell won the next hand and off went mine and mom's pants. Now, me and Terrell were down to our shorts but mom still had her panties and her bra. Mom was talkin shit again, but I won the next hand and that made Terrell naked and my mom bra-less.

Me and Terrell couldn't help staring at my mom's tits. Her tits were nice but her skin was pearly white compared to her big, dark nipples that were at least a half inch long. Finally mom said, "yeah, yeah, I've got tits, get over it and deal the fuckin cards, I can't wait to see both of them puny cocks". Mom leaned over toward Terrell and sarcastically said, "surely that ain't the "big black cock", that all the women are bragging about.

I know Terrell was embarrassed because he said in a high pitched voice, "It ain't even hard, I need a younger woman to look at". Mom said, "well you better get it hard before you run down the street or the whole neighborhood will be laughing." Things were getting crazy so I said, "let's quit mom", and then Terrell said jokingly, "yeah, you better quit, nobody wants to see no more of that anyway", as he gestured toward her body. Mom said "deal the cards", but I said, "come on mom, we've all had a little to much to drink, let's call it a night, okay".

She was lookin at Terrell when she said, "deal em", so I did and she lost. When she defiantly stood up and hooked her thumbs in her panties, I said, "come on Terrell, tell her she don't have to do it". It was to late, mom pulled em down to her knees and then kicked them off. We both stared again and then mom pointed at Terrell's mid-section and said, "well you got a hardon now, smart-ass". And then she looked toward me and said, "BINGO, we've got another one", and I looked down at my tented underwear.

Terrell got up and went to the kitchen with his big, "hard", black cock leading the way. I muttered, "I gotta take a leak", and went to the bathroom, with my own hardon leading the way. When I came back, the room was empty but everybody's clothes were still there, so I went into the kitchen. To my amazement, there was my sweet, little, naked mother, on her knees, sucking Terrell's cock. When I said, "what the hell", she stopped sucking long enough to say, "take them shorts off and get over here".

And like the good son I am, I did what she told me and then knelt behind her. With her back to me, I ran my hand between her legs and she slid them apart for me. Her pussy was very hairy and soaking wet and she had these long labia on both sides of her slit. Still sucking Terrell off, my mom reached back and found my hard cock and scooted her wonderful ass back toward it. I got between her legs and slid my cock up and down her hairy pussy lips until it was well lubed and then it slid in like butter.

GOD! was it hot and I actually felt my mom's pussy milking my cock. Only when my cock started fucking her, did she pull her mouth off of Terrell's cock and moan, "ohhhh Goddd, I'vee missed this sooo much, fuck me baby, fuck momma real good, yeahhhh thatss ittt baby, make momma cum on your big cock".

She was totally ignoring Terrell's cock as she rubbed her own clit furiously and then it happened, her body went stiff and then her belly started jerking and she moaned "ohhhhhhh Godddddd thatttt feeelllsss goooooddd, ahhhhhh,ahhhh, ohhhh Goddd, ohhhh fuckkkk, ahhhhh, ahhhhhh, fuckkk".

Mom just lay there at Terrell's feet, recuperating from her orgasm. Finally, she looked up at Terrell and said "well now that I'm all lubed up, let's put that big motherfucker of yours, to work". Terrell kind of shoved me out of the way to get to my mom's pussy, and he wasted no time burying his fat cock, balls deep in my mom's hairy old pussy.

While my friend was fucking my slutty old mom, she told me to bring a chair over and sit down. When I did, she put her hands on my naked hips and pulled me to the edge of the chair and started sucking my cock. Who knew, that my sweet old mom would play strip poker, do a three-some with her son and his friend and suck cock like a pro.

I was sitting there with my mom sucking my dick while her and Terrell fucked like animals until both of them were dripping sweat. Terrell's cock, must of erupted in my mom's over worked old pussy because it triggered her own, cursing, jerking, nasty orgasm, until they both lay spent in the floor.

I was feeling cheated because I still hadn't gotten a chance to cum yet. Mom fixed that when we were getting dressed, she winked at me and told Terrell that she was borrowing me for the night and then she told him, "and if you want anymore of this "old lady pussy", you'll keep your mouth shut about what went on here tonight, comprende". Terrell said "yes mam", and left.

That night, I wound up licking Terrell's cum out of my mom's hairy old pussy and then I refilled it with my own, 3 more times. Nowadays, me and Terrell fuck her whenever we feel like it but she always calls me to clean up his mess.

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