Street Parties

by Stewart (Southampton)

My wife and I lived in a street of ten houses and after a year there we started having one party a month at different houses.

My wife who was sex mad when we met never hid her need for cock whoever she was dancing or connecting with.

This night we all visited John and Wendy and lots of drink was consumed knowing all those there was making the dancing more intimate and heavy petting went on as each hour went by.

It was late on and we were the only ones left as I helped Wendy clear up in the kitchen.

At first my wife and John carried things through but then I noticed that stopped. Wendy looked at me and said I guess they must be at it?

I asked her for more detail she held my hand and said you know he fucks her regularly I nodded and said not surprised she fucks any man.

Wendy then said you know we are swingers and I said I did not know that.

She then said come with me and we went upstairs to a bedroom door inside John had her over the bed and was Fucking her from behind as she kept saying fuck me I want your cum as we watched him driving his dick into her, they clearly both come to a climax with lots of moaning.

Wendy was stood with her finger inside her clit and her other hand squeezing my very hard cock.

She whispered I want you to fuck me why should they not give us a chance.

We went into another bedroom where I pulled off her dress she was naked below and laid her on the bed my tongue went down on her and she was already flowing her juices.

I have a well engineered dick when rock hard is eleven inches and she turned me over to mount this big rock.

As she lowered onto it I felt her muscles tighten and she orgasmed almost at same time.

She bucked her ass up and down until I shot my hot cum deep inside her.

Her lovely tits bucked up and down on my chest and her nipples were so aroused and as big as I had seen.

We had four fucks before we went to sleep.

I awoke and was alone but heard noises down stairs at the top I could see into the lounge and Wendy and my wife laid on the floor playing with vibrators.

We decided to join the swingers club with them and meet most Saturdays.

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