Stopping By To Buy Beer

by Anonymous

Loni was at work when one of her coworkers had told her they were going to one of the local bars to celebrate a birthday of one of the other girls at work.

Loni liked the idea and said she would Love to go and hang out as nothing was going on at home and wanted to go out and do something and enjoy herself four o'clock rolled around and she grabbed her purse and things and headed to the bar.

There she met her friends and proceeded to have a few drinks and have a nice time during the evening a stranger at the bar hit on her which made her feel good.

Loni was a very attractive mid 40 housewife who had dressed up that day for a important client meeting and was wearing a nice tight skirt that showed off her full nice figure and revealing blouse so it made her night to have that happen as the night went on the party started to wind down and people started to head home.

Loni was reluctant to go because she was not tired and was having a great time but she felt I can't hang out here by myself and drink that would not be wise so she got in her car and headed home on the way home still not feeling tired but wide awake she tried to remember if she had anything at the house to drink and decided to go to the convenience store by her house to pick up some beer.

As she pulled in she saw the only other car in the lot was of the store clerk she pulled in and went in the store and went down the beer aisle to find something to finish off the night right as she was looking around two black guys burst into the store with guns with the intention of robbing the store one of the assailants went to the register while the other cased the store to see if anyone else was there.

Loni heard the commotion and tried to hide as she was the second black guy came upon her and remarked what do we have here a white MILF and grabbed Loni by the arm and dragged her to the front of the store where his buddy was when he got to the counter his buddy remarked you are right we can have some fun with her and pointed his gun at Loni and told her to get on her knees.

She slowly did when she did the criminal unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock and told Loni to suck it she slowly took it and began to give him a blowjob as this was happening the other black guy became increasingly aroused and wanted in on this Milf so he got behind her and grabbed her hips and lifted them up so that she was bent over giving the blowjob the perpetrator slid Loni's skirt up exposing purple panties she was wearing that turned him on even more that he grabbed them and ripped them off her body.

He then knelt down and started eating her pussy it tasted incredible and he started working his tongue towards her asshole and started licking that too he couldn't control himself and he had to Fuck her before he came in his pants so he stood up pulled down his pants and shoved his cock into Loni's pussy and started Fucking her hard.

Just when he was about to come he pulled his cock out and shoved it into her tight asshole and pumped until he exploded into her as he was doing this his buddy was pumping away in Loni's mouth and he shot his semen down her throat they both pulled up their pants and grabbed the money and got out of there Loni laid there wondering just what happened she just came into here to buy beer.

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