Stepsister Me And A Young Man With Disability

by Poslednji

Currently I am working on yet my hottest and most impressing sex experiencing personal story, in the mean time I have one little story to tell you perverts, as I am. Because of the limitation of the age that I can mention and talk about here, I would leave it to the imagination of the reader to estimate what age I might have been at the time the events took place.

I was youngest of five step-siblings, three stepsisters and a stepbrother. My father passed away when I was only four years old. My mother would work hard and I have a great respect for her because of her hard work to provide for the children. The age difference between the oldest stepsister and me was about 19 years. I would be writing this story only concerning youngest stepsister, she was seven years older.

My stepbrother was two years older than me. Unknown to me they have seen and experienced much more of our mother’s sex activity after my father’s death. By all stretch of imagination, she was insatiable a slave to sex. And much later in life I somehow managed to piece together the puzzle and get some answers to my questions as to: Why I was fully aware of ins and outs of sex, sex acts, the pleasures that sex brings, why it was that my youngest stepsister would have sex with me although I could barely get my little penis up.

I remember, being very poor, during winters we kids would curl up in single bed getting as close as possible to each other in order to warm our bodies. Of course, naturally at time I would curl up behind my stepsister’s bottom and feeling warmth and curves of female body you start getting funny fillings and urges to explore her curves and what she’s got under her robes. Two of the older stepsisters would not let me touch them, but the youngest of them and seven years older than me would not really mind. Some time she would allow my hand to play little with her pussy.

I start noticing that her chest began bulging and nipples were so obvious. I found courage one night to venture with my small hand to her chest until I find one of her small boob and nipple, felt so good touching it. My surprise came one night when she took my hand from one of her breast and placed on the other. The feeling I got was new to me, it made me move my body even closer to her.

For the first time I noticed that by touching stepsister’s nipples it was making my little cock get up hard and pulsating. She knew that I was getting hard and would start touching and sliding her hand up and down my penis. It felt so good.

After that we or rather stepsister felt more and more free and comfortable whenever we were alone home. One day it happened. Without any preparation and out of the blue she sat on the bed and spread her legs lifting her skirt up slightly above her knee’s revealing what I needed to see and desperately wanted to see. Her pussy lips were tight and her vagina was barely visible.

She called me over instructing me to stand between her legs. She pulled out from my trousers my already erected little cock. She told me to come as close as possible and with one hand holding my cock she rubbed her clitoris with the juice that come out of my penis. Her pussy becomes wet, sliding my penis up and down her pussy lips, lower and lower until I felt her pussy hole. She continued rubbing and moving my penis around her vagina until she asked me to push it inside.

Oh what a glorious feeling. Asking me to push it hard in and pull it out and push it in again. At that time, she was seven years older than me and I did not know what virginity mean, much later recollecting that event I have concluded that she was not a virgin and that she already had sex experiences. At time I could not care less about her virginity, it has nothing to do with me, and as time and years passed by I learned a lot about sex and sex acts much earlier than most kids at that age.

Few times I fucked her after she comes home from somewhere, with her pussy very wet, her pussy lips red and even her vagina hole wider and bigger, her vagina walls red from previous fucking with much bigger cock than mine, only short time earlier. Her pussy hair, vagina and ass were still wet and sticky and I was not concerned about it at all, to the contrary it excited me more. Me fucking and making love with my stepsister was going on well into her adulthood and even after she got married.

After getting married they moved to another village and I would visit them at every opportunity I get and I loved visiting them during school breaks and holidays so I could spend more time and fuck her more often. Her husband would go to work early, while we were still in bed. As he walked out of the house, and waiting few minutes I would take his place in bed.

One day after sex with stepsister, we laid on bed next to each other and she started telling me or rather confessed to me one of the most intimate details of her sex life. In the neighborhood lived a young man bound by wheelchair his legs were cut off in an accident and his ability to have normal sex with woman was effected and he could not either have sex at all or he was impotent, I forgotten the detail.

But my stepsister, as she was telling me, invited the young man to come to her house for coffee after husband left for work, and little by little she began to encourage the young man to touch her breasts, to caress her pussy until he becomes so excited that she would stand or bend in front of his face letting him to lick her pussy and ass. And as her own words “He could satisfy me more than my husband.”

I was fascinated, excited and sexually aroused by her confession. I asked her would it be possible for me to watch all that. She was not sure that the young man would have courage but she would try to talk him into it. She even said if he agrees and if you feel the need to join in please do and don’t hesitate. My excitement was unimaginable. Another chapter in my sex experience. I was praying the man agrees to it.

Not waiting long, the young man did come, rolling his wheelchair through the door, I must say he was a handsome young man in his twenties. After stepsister introduced us to each other she went to the kitchen and made coffee. I noticed that my stepsister already started to “warm” up the young man by sitting opposite of him without pants on, as we just fucked half an hour earlier. I was observing the young man’s face became slightly red, it is working I thought.

Sipping coffee and talking it was no problem for stepsister taking initiative. She took off her skirt just like that, revealing her bare legs she got up approached the young man and started kissing him. She whispered something in his ear, I guess telling him that it is all ok. I could see sign of relief on man’s face. Stepsister got up went to the entrance door and locked it. Walking towards the door for the first time I could see her backside as she walks. It was lovely and sexy.

For the first 20 minutes I was just sitting and watching what they do. My cock was fully erected as the scene was steamy hot. My stepsister was now naked, her cunt was eaten by the young man, I stood up went behind her and took both of her boobs in my hands and started to massage them. She was moving her bottom up and down the young man’s face and tongue, she reached for my penis stroking it and guiding it in her asshole. She was screaming out of joy.

To my surprise stepsister asked the young man if he would like to touch my cock, he said yes he would. I come closer to him he took my cock in his hands and started gently gliding his fingers over the penis head. He brings his face and mouth closer and suddenly my cock was in his mouth.

My sister whispered “he wants you to cum in his mouth,” at that moment she took my cock out of his mouth into her mouth. He started licking my balls. The excitement was so great that I ejaculated while they shared my sperm. As I was shooting out sperm they were kissing and licking my sperm and cock. I continued pumping their mouths in turn. My stepsister laid on the coffee table with her pussy wide opened and the young man started licking her pussy while I was fucking her mouth.

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