Stepdaughters Likes It Too: Part 2

by Stepfucker (USA)

After Mandy's brother left...

Night one when I went upstairs to tell Mandy I had dinner ready I saw the light on in the upstairs bathroom and the shower was running and the door was half open. Nothing unusual but knowing she wouldn’t be able to hear me call her, I went to the bathroom door and cautiously looked in so as to not see anything I shouldn’t and saw her shadowed shape against shower curtain.

Just as I was going to say dinner is ready, I saw the shadowed shape of her hand come up and cup a breast, then move around on it as if she was feeling herself up. The “dinner is ready” caught in my throat and I watched… the next thing I knew her other hand slid down her body and disappeared between her legs.

I got instantly hard. I also once again was repulsed by the thoughts going through my mind and averted my gaze saying “Mandy, dinner is ready”. She responded immediately, almost as if she knew I was standing there watching her. “I know, but I wanted to get ready… I mean clean.”

Then she said, “I forgot my robe in my bedroom, would you get it for me and hand it on the hook on the door?” “Sure” I mumbled and went to her room. On her bed was her robe AND the clothes, including bra and panties she had been wearing before she went in to take a shower.

I couldn’t help myself, I picked upper panties and brought them to my nose… she smelled sweet and there was a damp spot that smelled… well, like a woman, if you know what I mean. My hard-on suddenly got harder… like a bar of steel.

I realized what I was doing, dropped her panties (which I didn’t notice at the time fell to the floor instead of back on the pile of her dirty clothes), grabbed her robe, took it to the bathroom, put it on the hook and ashamed of myself (but still hard) almost ran back downstairs.

Wanting to act as normal as possible and at the same time not sit next to her on the couch while we ate, I put her food on the coffee table at the couch and sat in what we call “dad’s chair” across from the couch with my plate on my lap.

Shortly after I sat down and turned on the television Mandy came in… her hair was obviously towel dried and she was wearing that damn robe! I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra… I could see the faint outline of her nipples through the material of the silky robe which immediately made me think she wasn’t wearing panties… damnit, I got hard again.

The kind of hard where it almost aches. To make matters worse, Mandy grabbed her plate and just like when we were up at the condo, she sat at my feet and leaned in… pushing a tit against my leg. I think I gasped because she looked up and adjusted her position… now I could see at the ever-increasing opening of the loosely tied robe, most of a breast… a beautiful, full breast.

I couldn’t see her areola, but almost. Neither of us said a word, she was smiling seductively and without thinking (I swear I wasn’t), I put my plate on the end table, then slowly lowered a hand and stroke her cheek, then looking into her eyes, let my hand drift slowly down across her neck, down and inside her robe to cup that full tit in my hand, the nipple hard. Then she moved to give me better access and let slip from her nude, wet lips… “Yes, more.”

I slowly pulled the robe from her shoulders letting it gather at her waist while I sat in front of her on the floor. She turned and leaned back against the chair, tow proud, smallish but full breasts with perfect small areolas and hard nippers for me to see… see and touch.

Touch I did, touch without thought or self-recrimination. I was lost and leaning forward as I cupped them, I sucked one nipple into my mouth and ran my tongue over it, she arched and pushed it at me while with my other hand I cupped her other breast and gently pinched her other nipple.

The next thing I can remember is her sitting in the chair completely naked, the robe under my knees and my mouth within inches of a shaved, pink and wet pussy. I first licked slowly from her little asshole up to her clit, then slowly back down until I stuck me tongue in her tight little hole and savored the taste of her.

As I tongue fucker her my fingers gently rubbed her now engorged clit, gently at first, then with more pressure and as I licked her pussy and fingered her clit, she got wetter and wetter, shoved her pelvis forward, and I could tell she was moments away from an orgasm.

Wanting her to orgasm, I brought my other hand up and while stimulating her pussy with my tongue and her clit with a finger, I used a finger on my other hand to gently ring her rosebud. She was ready, she started groaning, then screaming “Yes daddy, make me cum, please make me cum!”

When she screamed those words, I put pressure on the finger at her rosebud and it because of the wetness streaming from her was lubricated enough to slide ever so shallowly in her asshole. That did it, she convulsed and had one small, then another intense orgasm flooding my mouth with her juices. Her entire body jerked and convulsed, and I drew back, pulled her down off the chair and spooned her cupping a breast in one hand and stroking her hair with the other.

As we lay there with her coming down, she began to move. Her hand came around and down between us, inside my jeans and boxers to grab my raging hard cock. She stoked it a couple of times, I groaned, and she said “Daddy, I want you to fuck me… please daddy, I want to be yours. Fill me with your cum but not here, I want you to fuck me on your and mom’s bed.”

In my bedroom I laid her out, opened her legs and took my time eating her out again - she had another huge orgasm. Then I wanted to be inside her and she was begging for it. I knew she was probably small and tight (she is 5’2” and slim) and while I don’t have a huge cock, it’s seven inches and rather thick, totally engorged and ready to split her open.

“Baby” (never called her that before), I don’t want to hurt you and saying that I laid on my back and pulled her over to straddle me. “You take control baby, you decide how much of my cock you want and how fast you want it”. I didn’t know at the time how much she knew about sex (later I found out she was a real novice, not a virgin, but had fucked only twice); but even though she didn’t know much, she knew exactly what to do.

She raised up on her knees learned forward a bit and grabbing my cock, she placed it at the opening of her vagina. Before she lowered herself onto my cock, she locked eyes with me and said “I want to remember the beginning of me becoming you slut, your mistress.” Then she slowly lowered herself, my cock entered her… it was tight but very wet, warm, smooth. Almost like velvet and it felt as if she was sucking me down inside her.

As she lowered herself, she groaned and her eyes got wider and wider until I couldn’t wait and I grabbed both her ass cheeks and thrust up into her, fully impaling her. “Yes daddy, fuck me now, fuck me hard” is what came from those sweet lips. I obeyed and I bean thrusting up into her.

My hands still grasping her butt cheeks, I pulled them apart and remembering how she got off when I played with her ass, I stroked and then stuck a finger in her ass as I rammed into her over and over.

She screamed “Yes!’ when my finger penetrated her asshole and I knew in that instant I couldn’t last… I felt my semen rising, thought about pulling out but remembered she was on the pill (her mother told me), and let it go, groaning loudly I called out “I’m going to flood your cunt with my cum” and then she screamed and orgasmed as I spewed hot semen deep inside her.

As we both started to come down, she was lying flat on my chest, those beautiful breasts smashed against my chest and she whispered into my ear “remember this when you are fucking mom.”

The Best Fuck I Ever Had. More was to come, much more and if you’d like to hear more, let me know.

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