Stepdaughters Likes It Too: Part 1

by Stepfucker (USA)

Stepdaughters Likes It Too

Who knew my second marriage would lead me to a sexual discovery? I certainly didn’t; but now I know stepdaughters love it too. “It” meaning getting fucked; but I now know my stepdaughter more than likes it, she craves it.

It began quite innocently, almost without me knowing what was happening. Her mother when I married her had a large extended family and we spent a lot of time visiting the various brother, sisters, aunts, uncles and people who I wasn’t even sure who they were. At these gatherings I’d just do my thing… often in whatever room was relatively calm and away from the crowed noisy gatherings.

At these times my stepdaughter who was 15 when I married her mother, would notice I was missing and come find me, spend time talking and just keep me company. This went on for a few years and during the times she and I would be alone she began to talk to me about her life previous to her mother’s marriage to me (her biological father was a drink and a real a-hole), about school crushes and all manner of what I called teen stuff. We became close and there was a trust building between us.

At the same time this young cute girl was developing into a sexy, almost beautiful young woman. Yes, I did see that, I am a guy after all. I also noticed she didn’t have a lot of self-confidence, which stymied me because she was smart, funny (sarcastically so), and was becoming a hottie.

I also knew it would as she grew older hold her back, so I began praising her and encouraging her to believe in herself. This ended up bringing us even closer together. Shortly after she turned 18, we were on one of the family trips to her maternal grandmother’s birthday party and this is where it all began.

Her grandmother had a time-share rental and whenever she had a large family gathering planned, she’d get the adjoining condo attached to her time rental reserved so most of the family could stay there.

This particular time was a three-day thing and on the second day when almost everyone was in one of the condo’s, I wandered off to the empty second condo and was reading a book when in came Mandy, my stepdaughter and with her were two of her cousins, both much younger… like around 7 and 10 as I remember.

Anyway, I was sitting in the living room and they all sat down on the carpet right at my feet. Mandy was sitting closest to me and was leaning against my leg. She played with her cousins, I read and all of a sudden she twisted her body and looking up at me she rested against my leg. I noticed it, but thought nothing of it until she started talking to me… she was looking right at me and began to slowly, almost seductively rub her tit against my leg.

“What the hell is going on?” I thought, but then assumed it wasn’t anything purposeful… how could it be, she is my daughter! Besides, there were two kids right there and so I knew it was all accidental. Accidental or not, I got lost in the feeling of that firm tit rubbing my leg and soon began to get hard.

I don’t to this day remember what she was saying to me, I only remember her tit rubbing me, her soft voice and her eyes staring into mine. I was as hard as I’d ever been in my life and truth be told, I moved my leg tighter up against her tit and had to open my legs because my hard-on was uncomfortable and needed room to expand. As I did this I saw a smile come to her face… she was I suddenly realized, teasing me on purpose!

The next thing I knew her aunt burst in the condo looking for her kids… Mandy reached up like she was using my leg to hold onto as she got up off the floor and as she did, she dug her hand across my crotch. She paused and gently and very briefly squeezed it, then turned and with the kids left with her aunt.

I was sitting there with a raging hard-on and shocked, amazed, repulsed at my feelings and at the same time I needed relief. Into the bathroom I went and took care of myself. After that I decided it was all just a mistake… or something I was over thinking. Again, this is my daughter!

Fast forward two weeks and her mother had to go out of town for a conference and training session. She would be gone all week and Mandy and her brother (a 10-year-old) would be at home with me. It was summer, Mandy was going to college in the fall, wasn’t working and of course, Adam was out of school.

All was fine day one, then Adam arranged to stay at a friend’s house for two nights. Normal youngsters having fun on summer break and all was good with their mother and I was fine with it. That left Mandy and I alone for two days and three nights.

Part 2 gets hotter!

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