Staying Naked

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

I now remain completely naked even when I go outside, I don't care what any of the neighbors say when they see me out in my yard.

I am on my property and I enjoy being naked, my body gets lots of cool fresh air and is free. I don't like to wear clothes anymore. I even like to go for walks naked. I just went for a long walk last night.

I walked three miles yesterday in the nude and nobody even noticed, I try to get out and go for walks at least twice a week. I walk thirty blocks in the nude every time.

Sometimes when I am out for my walk another person joins in and walks with me, he at times joins me in my walks naked himself. I really enjoy company joining me and walking naked too.

Once in a while as we are walking I allow him to touch my breasts and sometimes my pussy, when we stop and take a rest I love him touching my breasts, and sucking my nipples. I love him playing with my pussy also while out for walks.

While we go for walks I feel his fingers inside my pussy lips, it makes me feel just wonderful. I myself at times I have my hand on his huge cock, he doesn't mind at all either.

When we get back home from our naked walks we then sit on the sofa that is in front of the big picture window facing the street and allowing all the neighbors watch us playing with each other bodies.

He plays with my huge 46c tits and sucks my nipples, I play with his huge cock and sometimes I even lick the head of his cock, then I have to get up and make us supper.

While I am cooking our supper he is right there in the kitchen with me, he plays with my breasts and my pussy the entire time I am cooking our supper. I absolutely enjoy him playing with my breasts and my pussy.

When any of our neighbors decide and they come over I tell them when they are on my property they too must be totally naked, when they hear that it makes them very happy and they remove all of their clothes.

Sometimes they forget they are naked too and when they go back to their house they leave naked and left their clothes behind.

Now after each of my neighbor has visited, they return back to their homes naked. I now have the entire block walking around both inside and outside their houses naked in the summer when it is extremely hot we have a naked block party.

The entire neighborhood now loves to be naked. I enjoy everyone playing with my breasts and sucking them. I also enjoy everyone playing with my pussy.

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