Spending Time With My Niece

by Anonymous

Well it all started when my niece Faith came to live with us at my mom’s house. My mom gave her a room and I had my room in the basement where I would spend most of my time.

One day I was playing my game and here she come faith asking what I was doing, I laughed and said I’m playing this game.

Well it didn't take her long and she was play fighting me well that led me to grab her well when I grabbed her little butt cheeks cupped my dick it felt weird but she pulled away and did it again.

By this point I was getting hard and she noticed it so she did it again. We would play fight but she would have her little ass rubbing on my dick.

This went on for a while and it never really went past that, until one night we were doing the usual thing having her ass rub agents my dick. Well I decided to lay down and she came to lay next to me, she was facing me I can feel her getting closer, we got so close we started kissing.

She wrapped her arms around me and I wrapped mine around her. She was wearing a night gown with panties I ran my hand up her leg grabbed her ass I started to pull her panties down just a bit I pull out my hard dick and rubber her little pussy with it I was so excited I came too early.

She wanted to continue but we couldn't my mom came in almost catching us she said the tv show is on.

So we got up and I said I’m good I’m too tired and I went to sleep over the next couple of weeks Faith and I got a lot closer when we played together we were always alone so before we did anything we made sure we had our lone time.

But this time I would play with her tiny tight pussy. It’s been years since I seen Faith but I sure do miss her I know she remembers the times we had and now that were older I want to stick my dick in her pussy.


When I was younger, mom and dad were divorced, so it was just mom, me and my sister who was two years older. Well, just as precaution my mom put my sister on the pill, although my sister said that she wasn't having sex and didn’t want to get a reputation for being a whore around school.

Teasingly my mom said that now the two of us could have sex. Well, we were both embarrassed and couldn't believe that mom had said that. Later we joked about doing that, and we decided that actually it did sound like fun and was tempting. So my sister and I had sex, and were really great.

We told our mom that we had done it, and mom was surprised and said, oh, really? She didn't have any objections, though, and a few days later when she came home from work she heard us in my sister’s room and peeked in. My sister and I were naked and I was on top of her with my penis in her vagina, and we were doing it.

Later mom mentioned having seen us, and she said it looked like we were having a good time, and obviously had not been joking about us having sex. My sister and I continued to have sex for the next several years.

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