Special Time With Anna-Day Two

by Anonymous

While Ana was napping on the couch, I went to shower our love juices off my body. When I returned, she was awake and rubbing her little pussy. She looked up at me sweetly and said,"oh, Daddy, you made me feel soooo good. Can we do that again?"

"Of course, sweetheart, anytime you want as long as it stays a secret between me and you. Promise me you won't say anything to anyone about our love making."

"Oh, I promise Daddy, I won't tell anybody. I just love you so much!"

"That's my girl." I sat down beside her and she snuggled onto my chest, she smelled so sweet and innocent as I hugged her tightly.

"Daddy, can I try to make you feel like you made me feel while ago?"

"of course you can, Baby."

"Oh, goody!", she squealed.

"You lay here on the couch " I stretched out on the couch as she stood beside me, seeing me fully naked from my shower. Her just looking at me naked was enough to make my cock hard as a rock. Anna took my dick in her tiny hand and stared at it for a minute, she rubbed her finger over my dick slit as the pre cum started to flow.

"Look, Daddy, your lotion is coming out again."

I said "Anna, you can lick it if you want to, it tastes pretty good." With that she leaned over and licked my knob like a lolly pop.

"It does taste good, Daddy." Then she opened her lips and tried to pop it into her mouth. The sensation was amazing! How could a man ask for anything better, I thought.

"Anna, on my dresser is a bottle of stuff that we can use to make everything really slippery"

"Ok, I'll be right back!" and she bounded off. She returned with the bottle of lube and I told her to squeeze some out on my cock. She squeezed a little to hard and got a lot more than I expected. It ran down my throbbing dick, over my swollen balls and across my asshole.

"That's enough, Baby. Now just rub it in real good." She took my dick in her hand and rubbed it up and down my shaft, I thought I would lose my fucking mind!

"Oh Daddy, I got some down here too. I'll rub that in, too." With that she slid her and across my balls and down to my asshole. She rubbed around my sphincter, making my asshole pucker with her touch. She took her other hand and rubbed my aching dick at the same time. I was wrong!! A man COULD ask for more. But, I didn't have to. Anna instinctively slid her hand up and down my cock while rubbed circles around my asshole!

The sensations were burning my brain. I didn't care how wrong this was, I just didn't want her to stop!! She studied my asshole intently for a minute, and slid one of her tiny fingers into my ass. The surprise of it made me clench up and relaxed with a rhythm. Anna giggled a little and kept exploring. My cock was throbbing like never before. I thought I was losing my mind until she slipped a second finger in.

"OOOhhhh, my god, Anna, that feels ssoo good Baby! Please don't stop!!" With that she slipped a third finger in, then a forth!! It felt like lightening surging thru my body! My asshole felt like it was stretched to the limit! Her other hand moved up and down my cock so slowly I thought I would die!

Anna giggled again and looked me in the eyes and smiled a mischievous smile and tucked her thumb to her palm and pushed her hand all the way in my ass!! My sphincter stretched and shot pain up and down my body to the point I almost lost my breath...

She started to pump her hand in and out with short strokes, opening and closing her tiny hand in my ass, rubbing my prostate. I could feel my scrotum tighten up like a leather bag as a little cum oozed out of my dick.

"Oh, Daddy, do you like what I am doing?"

"Oh god, oh god yes, Sweetheart. So much.... Please don't stop Baby, don't stop!! I'm cumming Anna, I'm cumming, OOOOOOOOHHHHHH NnnnnHhhhhhhhh ooohhhhhh sssssshshhhiiiittttt!!!!" I shot a load of cum clear up to my chin as I convulsed one shot after another, the second stream hit me between my nipples and the third at my belly button.

After that my body shuddered and my dick just spasmed as the cum kept flowing out. Anna slowly pulled her hand out of my throbbing ass and my cock shot another load of cum out and continued to ooze. I didn't know I could cum like that or so much of it.

My balls were tight into my groin and ached something awful. Anna finally stopped stroking my dick and kissed it so sweetly, then kissed me on the lips. I tasted my cum and her spit from her lips and it was like nothing in this world.

Breathlessly, I asked Anna to run us a bath, but Daddy had to lay here a minute and would join her shortly. She kissed me again and without saying a word, smiled a big grin and headed off to the bathroom. As I tried to get to my feet, I thought, "This was going to be the best two weeks of our lives!"

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