Special Time With Anna-Day One

by Anonymous

I just moved in my new place after a nasty divorce. She was a real bitch, but, she did bear me a beautiful daughter, she turned 18 two months ago, so there was that. Several years later we decided to split, and every two months I visited Anna for two weeks. My place was in a wooded area not far from town, secluded, but that's the way I liked it.

I went to town to pick Anna up from her mothers place. She bounced out of the house when she saw me, a big smile on her face, and gave me a big hug. "How lucky am I?" I thought. We drove to my house, Anna was excited to see it for the first time, especially when I told her I was next to the woods.

She was a little tomboy at heart and look small for her age. Loved bugs and frogs and stuff other girls would run away from screaming. We pulled up and she jumped out and said "I want to see the forest ,Daddy!"

"Maybe you should change out of your dress and into your jeans first" I said.

"Please Daddy, just for a little while?" I never could say no to her so I told her I would take her bag to her room and for her to stay close. And off she went.

I dropped her bag off and went outside to see Anna squatted down in some weeds looking at a bug and poking it with a stick. As I got closer, I noticed she was in the middle of a big poison ivy patch.

"Anna! Come out of there! That's itchy stuff there!" She stood and looked around and came out brushing her little sun dress and I told her not to touch anything until we could give her a bath. We went into the bathroom and removed her dress and panties. I ran some water and she hopped in. I started washing her hands and legs first with a lot of soap.

I couldn't help but notice how perfect her pussy looked with the soap running down her legs. I washed her bottom with my bare hands and got mad at myself because my dick was getting stiff.

"What the hell is wrong with me, looking at my angel like that?" I washed her back and shoulders as my cock was hard as a rock, straining at my pants. I ran my soapy hands down her front across her little nipples and down to her perfect pussy. My cock nearly exploded when I touched her pussy.

She stood up and said, "That feels really good, Daddy."

"Well honey, we have to get that itchy grass off of you so you don't get a rash" I grudgingly rinsed off the soap and touched her pussy again and I felt her push against my hand.

"just my imagination" I thought, and grabbed a towel to dry her off. She took off running to her room and put on her nightie. I made us a PB and J sandwich and settled down with some tv. Anna said she was getting sleepy so I scooped her up and laid her in her bed. The whole time my dick was so stiff it hurt as I tried to keep it from her sight, but as I stood up she asked what that was pushing my pants out like that.

"Nothing ", I said, and kissed her on the cheek as she hugged me goodnight. I went into the bathroom and released my cock and started stroking it. I couldn't remember when it ever got so hard, I saw her panties on the floor and picked them up and held them to my nose and inhaled deeply and a few more stokes of my hard dick sent a load of cum blasting across the sink onto the mirror, gush after gush of cum exploded and sent a wave of ecstasy thru my brain. I nearly passed out but managed to stay on my feet.

"What the fuck was wrong with me! That's my daughter I was fantasizing about" I said to my self. I cleaned up the bathroom and went to lay down on my bed, my head reeling from what just happened. I went into a fitful sleep dreaming of Anna and me playing together naked and me shooting cum all over her...… I awoke the next morning with morning wood. I could drive nails with that thing, I thought.

Got my boxers on and went to make breakfast. Anna came in the kitchen all sleepy eyed and hugged me. She sat down and as I brought her plate I saw her legs were covered with a red rash. Crap, she had poison ivy from her ankles to her knees. She scratched a little and I told her not to and went to get some calamine lotion. I had her take her panties off and stand up and applied the lotion to her legs. She held her nightie up over her waist as I rubbed all over her legs.

I just couldn't help myself and rubbed more on her calves, so close to her pussy. M finger touched her pussy and she gasped a little bit, I said I was sorry, and she said, "It's ok Daddy, it feels really good when you do that."My dick was rock hard again as I rubbed some more on her pussy, I ran my fingers from her clit to her little asshole and back again several times.

"OOOhHHh Daddy, that feels so good, please don't stop!!" I kept rubbing her clit and rosebud when she grabbed my head and was pushing back on my hand with a rhythm. She stiffened up and her asshole started clenching and releasing around my finger. "UUUUUNNNNHHHH", she moaned and nearly collapsed in my arms. I picked her up and laid her down on the couch and kissed her cheek as she hugged me.

"Daddy, what happened? I felt so strange but wonderful at he same time."

"Honey, I think you had an orgasm from me putting lotion on you, but you are ok now, right?"

"I think so Daddy, But why is there lotion coming out of your thing?" I looked down and saw my dick had worked its way out of my shorts and I was dribbling cum down my dick. I was so caught up in the moment I hadn't noticed what was happening.

"I guess I got excited too and had my own orgasm. That is semen coming out."

Anna reached out and grabbed my dick and said "It's really slippery" and kept rubbing it all over my cock head. It felt amazing!!

"Can we do that again after while, Daddy? I really need to take a nap now." As Anna drifted off to sleep, I wondered what the hell have I done?

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