Spanking She Has Been Very Bad

by Curious Man (Everett, Wa)

She was caught in the book store looking at gay men mags. I was on my way home and I saw her bike in front of the local porn shop. So I parked my truck and went inside.

She was looking at mags and she had a couple of movies. She went to the dildo display cases and asked to see a 6" purple vibrator. Then a 12" dildo.

The guy at the counter put batteries in them and she turned them on, and stuck them on her pussy and ass. She then said she will take them and pulled out mom's credit card. That's when I said I was going to pay for them. She was shocked to see dad.

So I had her get her bike and get in my truck. She said mom doesn't care about her buying items from there. She's done it before. So I called Mom and asked her if she wanted me to give her a spanking when mom gets home. Daughter was now saying that she was not going to be spanked.

We arrived at home and I sent her upstairs. Mom got home and we called her down. Mom made her open all items I had bought, and we put them on the DVD player and watched the movies.

Then mom handed her the dildos and told the daughter to model them for us. She stripped down and told us no. So I put her on my lap and spanked her bare butt. I smack her butt 5-6 times and she said she would play with her toys. She's 18 and to find out that, she sexual shocked us.

But she knew how to use the dildos and she came several times in minutes. She even stuck one on mom’s pussy and made her cum. So we played for the rest of the evening and we all came.

I think we will be able to go to the store every week and get more movies and toy's. She's wants to get a double headed dildo next and a plug.

Tattooed Tease
By Curious Man (Everett, Wa)

She started getting tattooed at 17 now at 20 she is almost covered all over. Last weekend she stopped by for a chat and as few drinks. She had on the mini skirt I loved to see her in and she had to show her latest tat.

It is about 3 weeks old and she stripped off her G String and sat on the coffee table with her legs spread. It's a parrot and it looks great. She let me touch its wings and she moaned so I licked the beak of the parrot. She told me to keep licking it, and she was cumming in no time.

I wanted to fuck her but she wanted to suck me off. No argument here. LoL as she said she came in my mouth so I got to cum in hers. We sat there chatting and she said it was great to see me and I responded with the same and she took off. I am hoping she will be getting another tat soon.

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