Son Misbehaving

by Ricky Wise (Broken Bow, Okla, USA)

As I turned 18, I was finding more about the female body and my own. One day I came in from baseball practice, ready for a cool shower and hungry.

My mother met me at the door as I came in. She asked if I had a good day at practice, I complain about all the running we did. She told me to go take a shower an dget cleaned up for supper.

As I was heading upstairs I came to realize that she was wearing her led zipping t shirt an little black lace panties that I would steal at time to jack off to when I was along in bed.

I turned and said how pretty she looked and how sexy she was in her outfit today. She knew I was taking her panties at time to relieve myself with.

As I was in the shower, I heard the door open and closed. The shower door was fogged up so I couldn't see out. The door slide open, there she stood in front of me holding her panties in hand asking if I needed these, I couldn't take my eyes off her double D breast, and a smooth pussy looking back at me.

She was smiling at me, I turned red cause I was embarrassed.

I pulled her to me throwing them out, pulling her shirt up over her head, I laughed and said instead of those I would love to make love to u mom. Get finished and meet me in the bedroom.

So I did. I walked in, with a huge hardon , harder than it has ever been. I've never been with a girl before. She was spread out on the bed with her legs open for me to see that beautiful red landing strip.

I crawled on top of her taking her nipple in my mouth sucking on the both of them at the same time. She reached down and guided me into her very hot box. As virgin I didn’t last long. I cummed like what seemed for ver. She laugh as she was rolling over I can see her ass and pussy.

For some reason I was getting hard again. I reached over grabbing her hips pulling over to me, I plunged my dick into her making her moan out loud this time. As I was pumping in and out for what seemed 30 mins. I noticed she was dripping wet on the bed and her hot juice coated my cock completely, and this really turned me on.

I pulled out and places the head of dick at the entrance of her asshole. I knew If I did this there was no going back. I pushed all the way in, she screamed for me to stop I pushed again till my balls hit her pussy lips.

As I humped like a crazy man, she started pushing back against me. I cummed so hard that she push me out. We both fell on the bed beside each other. We forgot about supper and layed there holding each other. Later that night and the entire week all we did was fuck. This was the best summer I ever had.

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