Son Marries Mother

by Ron (London)

I am 20 and my Mom is in her mid forties. My Mom and I have always been very close and intimate with each other. She is in the habit of walking about in the bedroom while changing her underwear.

She walks in the bathroom with a towel around her bosom reaching just below her buttocks. One summer day we both were swimming in pool. My Mom was in her two-piece bikini which hardly covered her breasts and vulva so the nipples and lips of vulva could be seen on her bikini.

I was wearing swimming trunks. My Mom had forgotten to switch off the oven in the kitchen. My Mom ran into the kitchen in her two-piece bikini and switched off the oven. I also entered the kitchen in my shore trunks.

My Mom caught me in her embrace. She placed her soft lips on my lips and kissed me passionately. Her big boobs pressed against my hairy chest. She put her hands on my penis and pressed the thick cock.

She hooked out her right breast from her bra and held the nipple between forefinger and thumb and said "suck my nipple Ron."

I put my right hand behind my mom's shoulder and turning to her right breast lowered my lips and put my mouth around her areola and closed my lips on her cold but erect nipple and started sucking it.

Mother gently started stroking my scrotum and we kissed passionately. After a few minutes of moaning and grunting, Mom said "let's go upstairs." Mom let go my penis and I let go her nipple.

We went upstairs to the bedroom. My Mom then peeled off her bikini and I pulled off my swimming trunks. Now both mother and son were fully naked to consummate the incest.

Now we both mother and son were fully naked. My mom lay on the bed naked. I got up on the bed and knelt above her. My Mom then took my erect penis in her mouth and she sucked it.

My hands roamed on her body and I mashed her breasts and stroked her cunt to arouse her for sexual intercourse. My Mom stroked my scrotum while sucking my cock to prepare it for entering her vagina.

After half an hour of foreplay we were ready for the final act of copulation between Mother and son. I mounted my mother and she took hold of my erection and started rubbing the tip of my circumcised cock on her elongated clitoris.

She rubbed my penis against her cunt lips to arouse me to enter her love-tunnel and complete the incestuous union between Mother and son. My Mom was extremely aroused because the lubrication was immense.

I could feel my penis just slurping the juices that were abundantly waiting to bathe my manhood. My Mom then spread apart her legs and the lips of her vagina opened.

She smeared my penis tip with her cunt juices and placed the penis head on the opening of her cunt hole. I pushed and my cock went easily in mom's vagina.

Mom pushed her pussy upwards until my whole thick circumcised cock was fully buried inside my Mom's pussy up to the hilt and our pubic hairs intermingled. It was an awesome feeling when her cunt muscles gripped my cock tightly.

We both mother and son kissed each other passionately. After remaining like this for ten minutes I started fucking Mom by sliding my cock inside her VAGINA. Her cunt muscles started twitching on my thick circumcised cock.

Both mother and son were enjoying the fuck. Mom then looked in my eyes and said "Fill me with your sperm and make me pregnant my son." I ejaculated my cum deep inside her vagina. That day we Mom and son fucked five times and I filled her vagina with my semen.

We then went to sleep in each other's embrace. My Mom got pregnant with my child. We came to London where we are living as husband and wife. We now have two children.

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