Son Fucks Mom

by Michael (Washington, USA)

I slowly walked to my Mom's room. The door was closed. I decided to copulated. I with my mother on the same bed where she had been copulated.

I lunged over mom and pulled her towards me to kiss her on her big lips. She struggled to avoid my kiss but I held on to her. I pushed her on to the bed as she laid on to her back.

She screamed "What do you want from me? I am your mother. I said nothing and just stood there enjoying her in just bra and panties. I pulled down her panties and saw my Mom's bush covered heaven.

It was the first time I was seeing her vulva. I then removed her bra and revealed both breasts. My mother stopped resistance and I started enjoying her naked body.

I took both her breast in my hand and cupped both globes softly. I massaged both globes and Mom told me to massage them harder because she was enjoying it.

I placed my lips on her lips and kissed her then I put my tongue inside her mouth and licked her tongue. I ran my hand over her mound and inserted my index finger in her hot vagina.

Her vagina was very dry because it had not been used for a long time. Now I started to arouse mom so as to prepare her for the sexual union between son and mother.

I started finger fucking her and her love juices started oozing to prepare her vagina for smooth entrance of her lover son's penis. After 5 minutes my Mom's love -tunnel was smooth and wet and ready to receive her own son's prick.

When I saw that she was ready to be copulated. I lunged over and her breasts were crushed by my hairy chest. I guided my penis towards her cunt. It reached the entrance and the knob parted her vaginal lips.

I felt the resistance of her cunt because it was receiving a penis after a long gap. My penis got lubricated and started entering her cunt. She gasped and cried a little as I pushed inside her completely.

I started enjoying the same body I shared with when I took shape in her. My MOM also started enjoying the sexual union between Mother and son because she started pushing her pelvis to meet my strokes and make way for my penis to slide smoothly inside her vagina.

After half an hour of mutual fucking I shot my semen deep inside her vagina. Mom also reached climax because she cummed simultaneously and released her love juices.

I could feel my semen flooding Mom's vagina (forbidden place) Our sexual intercourse between Mother and son was complete with exchange of love juices.

We again had a passionate kiss. We both went to sleep naked in each other's arms. Sheela my mom became pregnant in the first round. She is now 4 months pregnant carrying our baby.

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