Sometimes A woman's Love

by Tricia (OR)

So there Bobbi and I were lying on the bed together, enjoying our naked companionship. It was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.

We had started doing this at the beginning of that summer, with no desire to be lesbians, but just finding that both relaxing and convenient to do as friends.

We were both in our late thirties and divorced. Neither of us had any desire to become involved in another serious male-female relationship, so our feeling uninhibited enough to do this together was a wonderful alternative.

“Oh, I love being with you like this,” Bobbi said contentedly.

“I like being with you like this, too,” I said back.

Bobbie sighed. “What will become of us?”

I smiled. “I don’t know. Become roommates?” I teased.

“That sounds very lesbian to me,” Bobbie said.

I gave a small shrug of my bare shoulders. “Would that be so bad? I mean we are having sex, and we are being quite loving.”

“Yes,” she admitted. “And there are moments when I do feel like I am in love with you.”

“I know. I feel the same way,” I admitted. “And I suppose that I am in love with you.” I laughed a little. “There … I said it.”

“I love you, too,” Bobbie said.

We smiled at each other and we kissed lightly on the lips.

“There,” I said. “Does this mean that we’re lesbians?”

“No. Just two friends who love each other.”

I gave her a playful smirk. “We could always get married. Women do that these days.”

“Married?” Bobbi said with a surprised smile.

“Then we wouldn’t have to live in sin,” I joked. “We could just love each other and happily fuck all the time.”

“We do fuck all the time,” she laughed. Then her expression became a considering one. “I suppose that I could see myself being married to you. Why not? We enjoy each other’s company. We do love each other … as we have both just admitted. Maybe we should get married and just live openly together and enjoy the hell out of it.”

“Will you marry me?” I asked.

“Yes,” Bobbie said. “I will marry you.”

"And I will marry you,” I told her.

In that moment it had all become decided and it was easy and so beautiful.

Her future looked bright and hopeful and we both knew that it was.

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