Sometimes A Mother And Son

by Mike (FL)

It was two months after my parents divorced when I noticed how that was changing my mom. She was just much more relaxed and happier. I realized of course that their marriage had been pretty rough, especially the last few years, and it was actually a relief that it was finally over.

My mom and I had moved to a high rise apartment which was really nice and different from the house we had been living in. It was modern ad new. I was just starting my first year in college and still living at home, and it was a comfortable arrangement.

That morning my mom had just gotten out of the shower and had the door open a crack to vent the steam. It was open enough that went I went past I naturally glanced over. My mom saw me and she just smiled and opened the door the rest of the way, being quite carefree about the fact that she was nude.

“Well,” she said with a smirk, “I don’t know about you, but I’m going to have a smoke.”

I watched as she very nonchalantly walked from the bathroom. “Care to take off your clothes and join me?”

I laughed over my mom’s lighthearted behavior. Not only was she blithely naked, but it was also the smoking. My father detested smoking, and my mom had stopped of course a long time back just to please him. But then that last year she had taken it back up. My dad knew and of course didn’t like it, even though she did not smoke in front of him.

I smoked some too, but never in front of my dad. I didn’t want to give an excuse to go on about that in the way that he always did about things. The fact that we were free to smoke now was sort of like a fun defiant gesture, even if my dad was not there to see it.

I followed my mom out into the living room, which bright and pretty neat with its high rise view of the city, and of course at that level quite private. She lit up a cigarette and just stood there smoking it. As I started to reach for the pack to have one as well, she looked at me. “Aren’t you going to take off your clothes, too?” she teased.

I just responded with something of a sheepish look.

“There’s no one to see us,” she pointed out in a quit cavalier manner. She added, “Don’t worry … I won’t tell your father.”

I smirked good naturedly, knowing of course that she would never tell him about something like that.

“I suppose that I could …” I said, feeling unsure about doing that.

I summoned my courage and slipped my clothes off and there I was … naked with my mom. We had never been naked together before and this was a new experience.

To cover how modest I felt I quickly reached for the pack of cigarettes, took one out, and lit it. This was only a momentary distraction at best, although my mom just acted perfectly ordinary about the whole thing.

As we both stood there smoking, I thought that it was kind of neat being so open like that with my mom. Certainly if my dad had been there, we would have never dared to something like this. He would have hit the roof. And because of that, kike the smoking, that made it a fun thing to be so daring and adventurous.

My mom was attractive, with deep auburn hair in a page boy style which reached just to her shoulders. She was trim and small breasted and, as I saw, she shaved her pubic hair which made the padded feminine crease between her leg quite visible.

In spite of my best efforts, I started to feel myself getting an erection, and of course I had no way to hide this as my penis stiffened and began to quickly push upwards.

“Oh, dear,” she said as she observed my arousal.

I blushed.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed,” she assured. “I have seen all of that before, you know.”

Yeah …” I said self-consciously. Although In spite of feeling that way, at the same time it was very exciting to be nakedly having a boner in front of my mom, and this only made my penis even stiffer.

She gave my male display an admiring look. “I certainly don’t mind seeing that,” she told me. “I think that it looks rather nice.”

I blushed some more and grinned, glad that she wasn’t upset.

“You now …” she suggested in a casual tone, “we could just go into the bedroom and maybe fuck a little bit.”

I was surprise by mom saying this, especially using the F-word.

“Unless you would too funny doing that with your mom,” she then said, unsure.

“I … it would be okay with me,” I replied, not really knowing what to say exactly.

She stubbed her cigarette out I the ashtray and I did the same with mine.. Then we walked into her bedroom where she got on the bed and smiled at me. I smiled back at her as I climbed onto the bed, too.

She leaned forward and gave me a small kiss on the lips.

“This is nice,” she said, and she laid back.

Hesitantly I reached out to feel her bare breasts and she offered no objection to me doing that. Encouraged, I then leaned over and suck first on one nipple and then the other. As I did this her hand slipped down to caress my stiff erection.

We kissed again, not passionately, but letting our lips gently press together.

I climbed up as she spread her legs apart and I got on top of her.

I reached down to guide my penis in place and maneuvered the swollen head into her vaginal opening. She was wet and I slid in easily.

She moaned a little with my insertion.

I could scarcely believe that I was doing this with my mom. I had no idea that she would ever want to do something like this. I had never thought of my mom in sexual terms. And yet it so exciting to have my stiff penis actually in her vagina.

“Oh, I just feel like being fucked,” she said.

I started to move my erection in and out of her with a gentle, steady rhythm, feeling her warm, wet vagina caressing my penis. As my reproductive organ purposefully interacted with hers, she squeezed her eyes shut and moaned some more. It was wonderful to be nakedly exciting my mom like this.

“Oh, honey … that feels so good,” she breathed. “It’s so exciting to have you in me.”

“It’s exciting being in you, mom,” is said back.

“Ohhh …” she moaned.

I continued to let my penis fuck her, and the movement made small wet sounds.

“Ohhh … Ohhhhh … Ohhhhhhhh ….” She maoned.

I could feel her moving with me as she came closer and closer to having an orgasm. When it happened she gasped and held me tightly and struggled nakedly beneath me with my erection fully inserted into her.

“AHHHHHH!!!!” she choked. “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

It was incredible watching my mom undergoing this intense sexual pleasure.

When she began to relax, I started to fuck her again as she lay here helplessly enduring my repeated penetrations. Then I was ejaculating. I felt my semen flooding her vagina uncontrollably.

“Ah … Ahhhh …” I groaned as my male liquid shot forcefully through my erection to pulse out again and again.

It took a moment for me to recover and for head to clear. When it did I was amazed by the thought that I had just ejaculated my sperm into my mom, and just how satisfying it was to do that. She had said nothing about me pulling out or anything like that, so I was hoping that it was okay. The thought of getting my own mom pregnant as a bit overwhelming and just a little scarey.

I looked down at her and she opened her eyes and looked up at me.

We both smiled in a pleased way.

We had just made love.

“Oh, honey, that was so nice,” she praised. “That was so wonderful you to do that with your mom.”

“I loved doing that with my mom,” I said.

“I’m glad. It makes feel a little less guilty if you enjoyed it, too.”

“You don’t have to feel guilty,” I told her. I gave her small kiss. “It was great doing hat with you.”

My penis, no longer stiff, slipped out and I climbed off of her. We laid there together, savoring the moment.

“Geez!” I said. “If dad ever found out …” I rolled my eyes.

“He would have a heart attack if he knew,” she said.

We both found this to be amusing.

Being more serious my mom rubbed her hand along my arm. “Sometimes, though, this can be nice between a mother and her son. It’s very special.”

“Yes,” I agreed. It was very special.

I went and got the cigarettes and we had another one.

Then, half an hour later we made love again.

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