Something Lesbian

by Jolee (FL)

“Oh, we’d better hurry up a little,” Carol said as she lay naked on the bed, feeling only too aware of the time, and the thought that her son would be coming home from school soon.

The last thing that she wanted was for her son to know that his mom was having a lesbian affair. Paula lived next door and they were both divorced, and having a female affair had been an easy thing for them to do. And as much as she thoroughly loved this, Carol was not prepared to come out and openly be a lesbian. For her, right now anyway, this was just a private pleasure that she enjoyed. Paula was less concerned about appearing to be a lesbian, but was of course understanding.

Paula rubbed her thumb over Carlo’s expanded clitoris.

“Ohhhh … that feels so good,” Carol breathed.

Paula then leaned over to lick her tongue over Carol’s bulging organ, making her moan some more. Then she licked her tongue father down, over the smooth lips of Carol’s vulva, and pushed her tongue a little way into Carol’s vagina to taste her female flavor.

Coming back up, she concentrated her efforts once more on carol’s clitoris. As she did this, she allowed the tip of her index finger to dance over Carol’s butt hole, teasing it. Carol was surprised by how stimulating this was when Paula did this to her. She had never experienced anal sex before, even with her husband.

Paula’s finger continued to tickle and tease Carol’s anal opening, massage it in little circles before she actually began to push her finger inward.

“Oh!” Carol said, surprised by the intrusion into her private quarters and began to finger fuck her butt.

Paula was always so lustfully adventurous and carol loved it. Being naked with her was like a trip to wonderland. It had never been like that with her husband.
Again Paula lavished Carol’s clitoris with her wet tongue while her finger remained now fully inserted into her butt.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Carol gasped and struggled with the intense stimulation being inflicted upon her.

Her orgasm came in a huge wave.

Carol had never felt so naked or so aroused as she did with Paula as her body convulsed with spasm after spam. Even her bare toes spread as she thrust her feet out on the bed. Paula’s tongue did not let up in her own enthusiasm to have her mouth between another woman’s legs.

“Ahhhhhhhh ….”

Coral was unable to contain herself until at last the spasm began to ease on their own accord, allowing her to slump back onto the bed in near exhaustion.

When Carol opened her eyes, she saw Paula smiling down at her in a pleased way.

“Next time I’m going to stick a dildo up your butt,” Paula teased.

“Oh,” Carol breathed, not knowing what to think of that.

Paula was so lustful.

Although being finger fucked like that while her clit was being licked and then while she climaxing, had been incredible. She could only eagerly imagine what it would be like to have her butt violated by a dildo, adding to her sexual passions.

“Oh, Paula …” she said.

Pula smiled. “I suppose that we had better be getting dressed before your son gets home.”

“Oh, I just want to stay naked with you,” Carol sighed.

“Your son might be a little surprised.” She laughed. “Although you never know. He might like seeing the two of us naked.”

Carol laughed, too. It was so much fun enjoying such things with her friend.

She kissed Paula fully on the lips.

“Thank you for such a wonder afternoon. Another wonderful afternoon.”

“Oh, Carol. It’s my pleasure. “ She paused and looked at her friend in a serious manner. “You know … I really am falling in love with you.”

“I’m falling in love with you, too,” Carol said, not for a moment thinking that she would ever be saying that to another woman. But it was true. She was falling quite deeply in love with Paula. Maybe, she thought, her son would have two moms, as they said.

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