Some Guys have all the Luck

by Erin (Texas)

Some Guys have all the Luck

My dad’s company moved our family to another state my last year of high school, being one of those half year kids born too late of the year to start school I always felt, older than my classmates. My Mom’s younger sister only months older than I came with her husband and infant baby to visit, I had to give up my bedroom to sleep in the bed with my two younger brothers.

There was a lot of drinking going on until the wee hours of morning, having troubles sleeping I was glad when the noise quieted and fight broke out in my bedroom, next door.

I don’t know if Mom and Dad heard the noise of furniture breaking but I did and heard my aunt shout, “She wasn’t fucking no drunk!” I burst into the room, after all it was my room, the furniture breaking my nightstand. My aunt’s husband had his fist doubled ready to strike her again, stopping him, he blurted out.

“You don’t understand, she likes it this way,” I was more than a little confused looking to my aunt, she didn’t look me in the eyes. I left the room but sleep didn’t come thinking about what had gone on in the room next door but the noise did end.

Another good hour I tossed and turned, thinking how could anyone enjoy having the hell beat out of them. Through the light emitting from the hallway I saw my aunt open the bedroom door and come to the side of the bed, I lay.

“Come down here,” my aunt whispered tugging at my arm as she lay to the carpeted floor, I slipped from the bed onto the floor, my brain wondering what.

“We’ll have to whisper, I wanted to thank you for coming to my rescue,” my aunt kissed but not in the way of kissing her nephew. Wearing only Pajama bottoms I felt her tits to my bare chest.

My aunt’s nightgown pulled up to I could feel as she pressed her large tits into my chest, my aunt reached to my hardening cock and continued kissing me. Kissing back, I didn’t know what else to do, my aunt whispered again.

“Your cock is so much bigger than his. I want to fuck with you, I noticed your cock was large, through your jeans. A cock this size is hard to hide of tight fitting jeans. Wish we could turn on the lights, where I can see the cock I’m about to suck and fuck,” my aunt slid down taking my cock in her mouth.

“I couldn’t do that for long, I’m too hot to have you fuck me,” my aunt came back up to kiss and whisper, pressing large warm tits into me. It’s a good thing she didn’t do that for long.

“I want to feel you cum inside me and I was afraid you wouldn’t, last long. I want to feel your bug cock pulsing in my pussy, I won’t get pregnant you don’t have to worry. Roll over on top of me,” whispering in my ear, my aunt guided me in.

“Oh god, I knew your cock was going to be, so good. I’m cumming right now, kiss me and fuck me. Muffle me with your kisses and keep me from screaming out, when you cum in me,” only moments it took and I was blowing up inside my aunt, muffling her screams into my mouth, locking her arms and legs around.

“Don’t move, I want to keep you inside me as long as I can. It feels so good having your cock in me. I love your cock,” my aunt whispered in my ear, feeling her big tits warm against my bare chest with my cock buried inside her pussy, I didn’t lose my hard-on and began fucking again.

“Oh my god, this feels so fantastic, your cum is still hot in my pussy and you are still fucking. Not often does a girl get fucked like this. Any time we can manage it, these tits, pussy and mouth will be yours, to fuck,” my aunt kissed again muffling her screams.

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