Solo Travel in Vietnam

by Dan (Australia)

I was on solo hiking tour to Vietnam and that evening ended up in a remote village. I sought for shelter in a local dingy hotel run by some attractive chubby women aged around 40s. They wore no bra and one could see their juggling boobs at ease.

I had good food with local liquor and went to bed. I could not sleep and those mature women were lingering in my mind - I love mature pussies!! At mid-night suddenly a woman inquired whether I needed anything for the night. Yes, I did need something – sex with a mature woman.

I told her so… if she could do something about it. She went out but returned after sometime with bare upper body sporting nice modest boobs with little sag. Her short skirt showed her butt line with nothing on underneath! My violent erection towered through my boxer.

I pulled her close to me and kissed her deep while she took off my boxer to feel my hardness. I turned her around so that she was on her knees resting her hands and head on the edge of the bed exposing the gaping crack with pink flesh towards me.

I put two fingers into her pussy slit to feel and test her reaction. She was already wet and her juices taste good. I did not wait longer and set my glans in between the slit pushing aside her thick thighs wider and pressed a little into it but paused immediately.

Most Asian pussies are tight and too warm to feel!! She breathed heavy and moaned, which I took as an expression of approval, especially since she made no move to withdraw from me.

For some minutes I stood like this, waiting for her attempts to push back against me to take my throbbing cock inside her. The whole time I had barely moved in my sex partner, concentrated more on the sensations on the front parts of my cock, tried to feel the wrinkles and bumps in the depths of her sucking vagina on my glans.

Then I pushed very slowly, enjoying every inch of this first penetration, until I was finally completely inside, only to pause again. My cock twitched and throbbed inside her. It seemed to me as if it was developing a life of its own with pleasure and demanded immediate pushing action.

I found the whole situation so incredibly awesome even before I had really started my thrusting actions and I had my first orgasm deep into her cunt, a wonderful orgasm that hadn't cost me any effort. She shuddered in pleasure and reached orgasms.

But still inside her, my cock hardly went soft, rather it relived itself - this time it was rock-hard. I pulled out my throbbing cock with threads of our thick juices, my cum and her vaginal secretion, dripping down to the floor.

I put her on the bed on her back to pay attention to her boobs and massaging and sucking on them. Soon I restarted my fucking her pussy - sometime I only fucked with the tip, then again with half the length of my cock, in between - hard and deep thrusts up to the end of her tight cunt.

I felt squelching sound when I pulled my cock out completely for a fraction of a second between two thrusts. I also felt my testicles slapped against her soft ass cheeks. She definitely enjoyed it, because she was really reciprocating with my thrusts by pushing back her crotch area by raising high her thighs!

Soon she was producing large amounts of juices mixed with spurts of her pee as she reached waves of orgasms. My hands grabbed tighter her shoulder as my last thrusts grew deeper and faster. She was uttering gibberish in her language.... this added more thrill to my fucking her.

My toes curled up and I was almost losing my breath. Now! I kept still with my cock buried deep inside her – OMG!! How could I still have so much cum in my balls? It was terrific! Pure satisfaction I never enjoyed before so much.

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