So Nice With Mom

by Anonymous

“Would you bone your mother?” Randy asked.

The question was unexpected. It just came out of the blue and Bryan didn’t know what to say. He asked it in a perfectly casual way, as if asking if you wanted ketchup with your fries. It was like that.

“I mean .. . if she wanted you to,” Randy qualified.

“Gees …” Bryan said. He turned the question around. “Would you?”

“Yeah. I think it’d be great doing that with my mom,” Randy answered without hesitation. He then confided, “Sometimes I think she’d like to do it with me … only that’s she afraid that dad might find out.”

‘Oh,” said Bryan.

“Wouldn’t you bone your mom?” Randy asked again.

Bryan gave a shrug of his bare shoulders. They were sitting naked out in the dunes up from the beach. They had been friends for several years. It was the summer after their first year away at college, and they had gotten together and it was just like old times. The beach near where they lived was always deserted and they were free to do what they had always enjoyed. Which was to get naked and enjoy their friendship. It wasn’t like either of them was gay, just that they had always felt free to enjoy the fun and convenience of being homosexuality indulgent as friends. Indeed, as so many friends did.

That morning they had engaged in mutual masturbation, enjoying that pleasure, and had even indulged in a little cock sucking. Occasionally they managed to give each other a blow job, and occasionally as well they did butt fuck. But usually they just enjoyed masturbating one another to healthy and satisfying ejaculation.

Bryan finally answered. “Yeah. I guess I would.”

Actually he had never really thought about fucking his mother. Some boys did, and obviously Randy was one of them. He was a little surprised to learn this, although it was hardly something shocking, either. Mostly it just seemed very personal to him, was all.

It had started off as a beautiful morning, with blue skies. Now it was well past noon, and a layer of low gray clouds was sweeping in and promised rain.

“I guess we should be going,” Bryan said.

“Yeah. I guess.”

They both reached for their cut-offs to slip them on. Then they started off, climbing over the sun-warmed sand. When they reached the beach road they departed, going in different directions to their respective house. Rain drops were just starting to come down as Bryan reached his house and went in, pausing he brush the sand from his bare feet..

His mother was seated at the kitchen table, with a calculator and various papers spread out in front of her. She was self-employed and worked at home as an accountant. It was a good arrangement and one that Bryan knew that his mother liked. She was free to set her own hours and wear jeans and go barefoot, like she was now. His mother was attractive, with dark hair and pleasant rounded features, and was a little heavy set. He liked his mother and they had a good mother-son relationship, and always had.

Especially after his parents had divorced when he was fourteen. His father had always been a distant sort of person and they had never been exactly close, so when his parents had split up and then divorced, Bryan had not felt any great absence in his life. His mother was easy going and fun and never overly fussy. She just took him as he was. Which, living right there at the beach, meant just about always being barefoot and living in anything more than a pair of well worn and frayed cut-offs. She never even minded his longish and curled sandy hair.

“How’s it going?” he asked.

“Oh … it’s going,” she sighed. “It just seems endless.”

Bryan smiled and stepped up behind her chair and started to rub her shoulders. His hands kneading the tight muscles.

“Ooo… that feels good,” she sighed. “I could go lay on the bed and you could give me a back massage.”

“If you want,” Bryan said, happy to oblige.

She gave him a grateful smile and got up, and they padded from the kitchen and into her bedroom.

She sat on the edge of the bed. “I could take my clothes off. Or would you feel funny if your mother was naked?”

“No,” Bryan said, not exactly expecting that, but feeling all right about his mother doing that.

She quickly got undressed and stretched out face down on the bed. Bryan decided that he could take his short off, so he did. Then, sitting on the edge of the bed, he started to massage his mother’s shoulders and back.

“Mmm …” she murmured, closing her eyes and savoring how relaxing it felt.

Brad worked his hands smoothly down her back. His mother was a little overweight, although not really fat as such. Full-figured, was how he would have described her. Curvaceous, would have been another description. He admired the ample rounded curves of her buttocks, and having glimpsed the fullness of her breasts, each punctuated by a broad deep pinkish-brown nipple, and having see the generous overabundance of the dark pubic hair she was endowed with, he was admiring of her physical overall.

Bryan continued the massage for the next fifteen minutes until he finally felt his hands tiring.

“How was that?” he asked, prepared to stop.

“Oh … you could go on forever,” she said. “that was so wonderful.” Being quite casual about it, she turned over and rewarded him with a pleased smile. Bryan smiled back, still feeling a little surprised by his mother’s uninhibited attitude and how unassuming she was about it.

“It’s nice that I can feel so relaxed with my son,” she said appreciatively.

“I’m glad you can be,” Bryan said, thinking that it was pretty neat, really.

“You could take off your shorts and be comfortable, too,” she said.

Bryan almost blushed a little.”I … I don’t know. That could be a little embarrassing,” he said mindfully.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. I have seen all that before, you know.”

“Yeah. I suppose,” Bryan conceded, figuring that was obviously true. Still, he felt a little modest and unsure.

“No one will know,” she told him. “I’m sure that you won’t tell anyone that you were naked with your mother.”

“No,” Bryan assured.

He thought about it fro a moment, and before he could feel too intimidated, he slipped his shorts down and off, leaving himself as naked as she was. His penis was thick and somewhat long and half way to being erect. And his suddenly being naked only encouraged it to stiff completely so it pushed boldly upright.

“Oh, my!” his mother said with an amused grin, observing his handsome development.

“Sorry about that,” he apologized.

“I think it looks nice. I feel flattered,” she said. She gave him a broad smile.

Bryan smiled back, glad that his mother was not upset about it.

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