So Good! So Exciting!

by Jim

My parents were divorced, so it was just my mom and me.

During the summer when she was at work I had the house all to myself.

I thought that this was great, and having just gotten into masturbation as much as I could, it provided the best opportunities for me to do things like walk around the house naked all day long and jack off as much as I wanted.

Of course I was always seeking more excitement and stimulation. The more, the better. I started putting on an oversize t-shirt that I had, and going out on the back patio wearing nothing else.

That gave me such a super boner and I loved it. Then I started to become more adventurous, and I wondered what it would be like to walk down the sidewalk just wearing my t-shirt. It was long enough so nothing showed, although my erection did kind of push out at the front a little.

Working up my courage, I ventured out that way one morning. There was no one around, and I managed to walk down the sidewalk a way before I became quite inhibited and quickly turned back.

Well, I did this a number of times, each time dared myself to go farther. I made it to the end of the block and then one day I managed to go completely round the block. I was so elated with my success and daring.

There was never anyone around so I became increasingly confident, enjoying walking along barefoot which I thought was very sexy and having the most outstanding boners.

One day I had just turned to corner on the block and I saw an older couple walking on the sidewalk coming toward me. I tensed and summoned my courage, and I just kept walking, having the most rigid erection.

They just walked past me and really didn’t take any notice. I got about ten feet past them, and suddenly I ejaculated. I was so surprised and practically overwhelmed by this! It just happened and felt so exciting and so intense.

After that, I started to encourage myself to become very stiff and excited and I would ejaculate while I was out walking. It as so great!

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