So Does This Make Me A Woman: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Along with Terry being nicer to me, he told me one day that he had purchased some new pills for us, ones that would make us stronger and healthier! This sure sounded good, I know I was undersized for my age, but Terry was built quiet well and it looked like he worked!

Next I started to notice that my old tee shirts were missing and I began to see women’s tops and undershirts! I didn’t say anything because I knew Terry would just tell me I had to help and I was the same size as Mom! But I thought they looked like a modern day style, and not something mom would have had 10 or 15 years ago!

Jumping head many months, yes he continued to fuck me at night, really almost every night, but this night I felt something wet on my chest! My God it was Terry and he was licking and sucking on my nipples, and mean nipples I knew they had been kind of sore lately but tonight I could feel him actually sucking them away from my body, like women’s nipple on her tits! As he was sucking my nipples I felt him reach around and he started fucking my asshole hole with his fingers! Shit he was shoving three of his fingers into my asshole and pumping them as if they were in fact fucking me!

The next morning when I got up to pee, I checked myself in the mirror and sure enough I could see my nipples sticking out from my chest! “What the hell, my nipples are standing out, starting to look like little girl breasts I saw in a Porn Book one time! So I thought this weekend as I was mowing the yard I would go topless, I mean I wouldn’t wear a shirt but then I thought better and wore a really thin blouse; sure Terry would see my nipples and he had to say something!

“Terry!” I called out to him as I finished mowing and I was washing off the mower and when he came around the house, I made sure I got water on my top. I could feel my nipples clinging to my silky top and I thought for sure Terry would say something! I mean I saw him looking right at my nipples as they were poking out the front of my top! NOTHING!

So after I showered before supper, I just wore one little blue top and panties pretty close to the same color to try and match! When I came in the kitchen to help with supper, again Terry said nothing, even though I caught him looking at my panties and for sure my nipples several times!

“Terry don’t you think my panties are getting too tight on me, I mean I can feel them pulling up between my butt cheeks!” I told him!

“Bob how many times . . .” He started.

“Terry I know we don’t have extra money for new panties so I’ll just shut up!” I moaned! But in the next few days I saw a few new pair of panties, they were high on the sides and they didn’t cover my butt cheeks as well! I thought about saying something to Terry, but hell at least he bought me something new, I mean these new panties couldn’t have been cheap!

One night we was lying in bed, I mean we had only gotten in bed maybe 5 minutes ago, when I felt Terry reach over and pulled me against him, pushing his wet cock against my asshole and begin his standard fucking routine!

“Bobby I love you so much,” He moaned, “Your pussy feels so good, I mean really good tonight honey!” My pussy . . what was he talking about but my thoughts shifted quickly as I felt his hand on my nipple tweaking it and pulling on it, quite hard! Bobby thank you for loving me dear!” Then as usual he shot his cum up my ass, got soft and pulled out!

So I thought ok, two can play at this game, and the next night Terry was already in bed, and just as soon as I crawled in, I pushed the covers back and took his cock into my hands. I started rubbing on it then I began to pump on it up and down getting it hard. Not a word from Terry, but then I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing me down to his cock. Terry continued to push until his cock pushed against my lips and pushed into my mouth!

“Bobby I love you so much,” He moaned, "Thank you for sucking my cock sweetheart, your mouth feels so good girl!” Girl . . shit now I’m a girl, the other night he said he liked my pussy. Hello, it was my asshole for God’s sake! Once he shot his cum deep in my throat tonight, he pushed my head away and started snoring as usual!

Saturday morning as I was making breakfast, Terry walked in and saw me standing there naked! I just knew he would yell at me, but NO!!! Finally I brought Terry a cup of coffee and told him I had some questions!

“Terry, a while back I shared you got cum on my panties and you said I must have been dreaming. Well now for sure you have to know that your fucking my puss . . I mean . . puss . . that your fucking my asshole at night and you have even sucked on my nipples. And speaking about nipples since when to boys grow tits!” I asked him! “I mean just look at them!” I told him as I pulled on both of my nipples really hard! “Terry just look at them standing up like a girl nipples, what is going on?” I begged!

“Bobby, I love you and because I love you and you love me I have a need to care for you, give you things and well yes make love to you. I’ve thought about speaking with you about sex and love but it seemed to me the best way to just love you, you know to make you feel good, I mean really good. So answer me this sweetie, doesn’t it feel good when I fuck your pussy?”

“We yes . . I mean at first it hurt but then my pussy . . I mean my asshole . . .” I tried to answer him!

“Bobby, its ok for you to call it a pussy, really, because girls are fucked in their pussies and yes girls have nipples that are to be sucked and pinched!? He told me. “I love you so much that’s why I work and let you stay home! You don’t even have to mow our yard anymore dear!” Just do our housework like any wife. Terry assured me. So now I'm his wife!

“Terry, I love you but brothers shouldn’t . .your fucking my pussy, OK YES PUSSY does feel good and many times I cum too while you are fucking me!” I told him, “but what about my tits, my nipples that are growing!”

“Bobby it’s because of how beautiful you are that I worked extra hard to afford the special Estrogen Hormone pills to allow your natural breasts to develop sweetheart! If you think their perky now, just wait, in another few months your breasts should be full size, you know like mom’s breasts!” Terry told me!

“I’m up for a promotion and with it I will be able to purchase more new clothing for you Bobby, clothing that you will love and look so pretty in sweetheart!” Terry said as he pulled me to him to straddle his legs. As he began to kiss me he lowered me onto his hard cock and began to fuck me! “Honey I need to make love to you and I have always been able to tell that you have enjoyed it too! Just like last night when you made love to my cock with your mouth, I have been hoping you would begin showing your love to me and you did just that! Your mouth felt so good, so wonderful, so sexy sucking my cock and I couldn’t hold back my cum to allow you to love me any longer love!

Well so much for our little talk! Now Terry is even more open about loving me. Tuesday when I was taking my shower he came in with me and gently used his bare hands to wash my entire body! No surprises that when he began washing my butt cheeks with soap I felt him hug me and slip his cock into my pussy! It did feel good and with his kisses on my neck and the warm water flowing against my breasts, yes breasts which are now size 32B, it felt like I was being loved to the ultimate!

Terry has kept his promise of buying me new clothes. My new bras are gorgeous so pretty and soft against my skin and now I have even more cute panties that show off my sizable butt cheeks and even new dresses! Yes my body is still changing and along with my new breasts my butt has gotten bigger and my waist has gotten smaller! With his company’s picnic just a week away there was just one more thing I needed to ask for!

“Terry, sweetheart, will you pick out a sexy little bikini for me to wear to the picnic! I can’t wait to show off my new body, but this year darling, I must wear a bra top too, don’t you think so lover?” I asked Bobby with a cute smile. “Plus I don’t have to worry anymore about that lump in my bikini bottoms; my penis is so small now it looks more like a large clit than a man’s cock!”

This year’s picnic was much better! We sat with his boss again and he made several comments to Terry about how pretty I was and asked if I was working out? I guess that was his way of saying he like my breasts since I slipped my dress over my head and sat there with only my bikini on!

“No Jake, Bobby doesn’t work out but she has been taking special vitamins to ensure a healthy body so that must be it!? Terry told him.

“New vitamins huh,” The boss man said, “Timmy maybe I should get those special vitamins for you too dear . . you know for your health! Terry give me the name of those vitamins please!”

“Sure Jake, in fact I have an extra bottle at home,” Terry told him, “Why don’t you stop by some evening and you can take anything you need . . you know right?”

Did that mean take me I wondered . . would Terry actually let him fuck my pussy too???

Well let’s just say that after Mr. Jake started coming by and sometimes he even brought his daughter . . I mean son Timmy, our money problems went away! Terry said we could live much better now!

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