Snuggle Time With Daddy

by Anonymous (KC, MO)

My daughter Carol and I have always been very close since she was born. I remember while at work when she was young, I so looked forward to walking in the door of our home, because I knew Carol would be waiting for me, ready to jump into daddy's arms! Sometimes she would hide, and try to scare me. I would pretend to be so scared and we'd laugh and laugh.

When she was a small girl, I used to put her up on top of the kitchen cabinets and sing with her while cooking dinner. We used to snuggle together on the couch and watch movies with her mom and brother all the time. Many a night, either because it was storming outside, or just because she wanted to, Carol would climb into bed with us, snuggles up to me, and fall asleep.

Even though I usually sleep naked, I always made sure when she climbed into bed and snuggled up, there always was a sheet or blanket in between us. I remember talking with my wife and asking if we were doing anything inappropriate. She said no, that she thought it was perfectly normal. This went on for many years and continued into Carol’s teenage years. I still was very cautious to ensure there was a sheet or a blanket in between us.

Most mornings, I would wake up to my usual morning wood. Which made me feel awkward, and nervous about Carol snuggling up to me, feeling my raging hard on, and get upset. I tried to tell myself it was just the normal morning male reaction and not because my daughter was turning into this beautiful women right before my eyes! She still was a smaller girl, but at 18 years old had developed quite the ass, and some perky c cup titties with puffy nipples that just begged to be kissed and sucked on!

One morning, as I woke up, I realized that Carol had snuggled her beautiful ass right up to my raging morning wood hard on and was grinding and moaning softly. As I opened my eyes, I could see her rubbing her exposed breast with one hand, and stroking her clit with the other. She then moaned very softly, "Please fuck me daddy!" I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. I pretended to still be asleep.

She turned over, now facing me. I still had my eyes closed mostly, but open just enough to see her gently pull back the sheet, and fully expose my now, hard as a rock cock. She gave me a quick glance to see if I had awakened. Confident I hadn't woke up, she reached out and touched my swollen 8" throbbing fat cock with her hand, gently stroking it up and down. I couldn't begin to explain how magical it felt.

My own daughter was jacking me off and I was powerless to stop it! I moaned a little bit, which got Carols attention. She looked up at me and saw my eyes where open. She then put her finger over her mouth telling me to be quiet. She slid up and softly whispered in my ear, "Quiet daddy. You don't want to wake up mommy." She then slid down closer to my cock, stroking it slowly and just staring at it like it was some new toy!

She had removed her top and I could feel her small tits rubbing on my bare chest as she moved her hand back and forth. She then looked up at me with this teasing, ornery grin that I had never seen before, turned back around and engulfed my cock with her mouth. She licked up and down my shaft. Taking extra time around the underside of soft cock head. She then sucked in each of my balls into her mouth and teased them with her tongue. She then removed her mouth from my cock, came up to my face, kissed me ,and with a quick glance at her mom to see if she was still asleep, she whispered into my ear, "You ready for this?"

At this point I could barely talk, but I managed to node my head yes. Carol went back down on me and sucked my swollen cock like I'd never felt before. Once she started bobbing my cock, there was no stopping her. After about 20 minutes of utter bliss, she stopped for a brief moment and said "Please cum down my throat Daddy!" With that I lost all control.

Her bobbing up and down on my cock brought out an orgasm like I'd never felt before. It started in my toes and consumed my whole body. It was all I could do not to scream out loud! Carol swallowed every last drop. She milked my cock for several minutes. After a few minutes, she put her top back on and snuggled right up to me again. We both fell asleep arm in arm.

This happened several times over the next several weeks. Carol would come into our room late at night and wake me up with my cock in her mouth. One morning, after a few minutes into it, Carol stopped and whispered to me "Let's finish this in my room after mom leaves for work." She left and went downstairs to her room. I followed her shortly after my wife had left.

When I walked into her room, she was on the bed, on all fours, with her beautiful ass pointing at me. She said, with an intense, passionate voice, "Fuck me daddy. Fuck me hard." "Please daddy, I need your cock." Again, I was powerless to resist! I walked over to her, dropped my shorts, and drove my throbbing cock deep into my daughters wet, beautiful, pink pussy! She screamed in pure lust! There was no holding back. This was the ultimate incestuous taboo fantasy. I was fucking my own daughter and she was begging me to do it!!!

After about 20 minutes of staring at, and pounding Carols amazing pussy, I just had to taste it! I stopped fucking her and started licking her thighs and the edges of her pussy. Teasing her a bit as I went. She said, while grabbing my head and pushing it on her pussy, "Quit teasing me and lick my pussy!" I swirled my tongue around her clit, gently sucking on it. After about 15 minutes of serious head, Carols breathing and moaning started really getting quicker and loader.

She yelled out "You're going to make me cum. You're going to make me cum!" With that, she proceeded to squirt warm, delicious pussy juice all over my face. As she was still orgasmic, I pulled her legs up onto my shoulders and plunged my cock as deep into her pussy as I could. YES YES DADDY! FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!! We fucked hard in several positions for hours. I haven't fucked like this or had such strong orgasms ever.

Carol told me she doesn't want sex with anybody else because it's so good fucking daddy! I told her I thought that was wrong. She should see other guys. When she was 20, she met a guy and they fell in love and married. We discussed our almost two year daddy/daughter sexual relationship and both agreed reluctantly, that although the sex was incredible, we should stop.

For one we had been very fortunate to have never been caught, but mostly she should commit to the marriage. We did have one last incredible night together after her bachelorette party where we fucked passionately on the beach! 6 years and three great grandsons later, it appeared Carol, her husband and boys were living the American dream. They had purchased a house in our neighborhood. Were paying their bills. Saving $$, and going on family vacations every year.

Then one day that all came crashing down. Carols husband had been arrested, later tried and convicted of a serious crime!!! He was sentenced to 20 years hard time. Carol was devastated. Our whole family was tossed into chaos. We all tried to keep the boys life as normal as we could. The focus was on the boys as it should have been.

One night, about two years after He was sent away, Carol asked me if I would stay with the boys at her house while she went out with friends for awhile. After a great night wrestling and playing with the boys for hours, it was their bed time. After tucking them all in, I laid down on Carols bed and fell asleep. I woke up to her walking into the room about 1 am. She did so without turning on the bedroom lights as not to wake me up. She did turn on the closet light though.

Giving her enough light in the bathroom to see. It also gave enough light to see her as well.

She started undressing in front of the mirror. It had been almost 6 years since I had seen my daughter naked. 6 years older, three child births, and a few extra pounds actually looked really good on her! Her already beautiful ass was even fuller. And her tits were much bigger too! She was more beautiful than I had ever seen her. As I still pretended to be asleep, she got totally naked and started walking towards the bed.

She climbed into the bed and stroked my hair and whispered, "Wake up sleepy head. I'm horny!" With that I opened my eyes. Carol bent down and gently kissed me on the mouth, It tasted so soft and familiar. I looked into her eyes and said "It's been awhile." She looked at me and said yes. Too long. But I'm here now. Fuck me daddy!!! We fucked harder that night than ever before.

Which I didn't think was possible! Fast forward to today, almost 20 years later, Carol is now 42 years old, and we fuck each other at least 2-3 times a week. She even lets me fuck her in the ass every once in awhile! The crazy thing about this whole story is, all along, throughout this whole time frame, I have had a strong sexual relationship with my wife as well.

Just recently, my wife told me she has known about Carol and I almost from the beginning. She told me she didn't care as long as I take care of her too. What Carol now doesn't know is that the other morning while she was sucking my cock under the covers, I was licking my wife's pussy! But that's a story for another day!!

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