Snow Blowing and Getting Blown

by Kyle Makie (Kansas City, Missouri)

I’m a 50yr old man recently divorced. The night before Kansas City had a big snow storm dumping around 12inches. Anyways i went to my parents to snow blow their driveway and the neighbor to the south was a girl (Kelly) who my 30yr old daughter grew up with playing sports. So Kelly seen me out clearing the driveway and i seen her open her garage door and shaking her head.

I noticed she was waving trying to get my attention so i shut the snow blower down to go see what she wanted. She says Hi Chris i say hi Kelly did you need something? This was about 10am and she had a robe over a pair of white panties and tight t-shirt, noticing her nipples were hard as rock (thinking she was cold or horny).

It’s probably been 15 years since I’ve seen her and wow she is hot. Which is why my cock started throbbing when i seen those big thick nipples pointing at me which she caught me staring at. She is a beautiful young woman with thick muscular legs and an ass that was perfectly round and firm.

Anyways she had to be somewhere that evening and there would be no way she could get out of her driveway, so she proceeded to ask if i could snow blow her driveway also i said ok I'll just come over now and do it before i do my parents drive.

And she was very grateful thanking me as she turned to walk back inside a gust of wind happened to blow which opened her robe and she had a bushy mound of black pubic hair some protruding between her panties and leg and damn my cock was at full attention, so much she could see the outline through my jeans. So i took the blower to her driveway and took about 30 minutes to finish and just as i did it ran out of gas.

As i turned to walk back to get the gas can i noticed her in the window watching me motioning me to come inside, so i walked inside saying Kelly she replies I’m back here so i go back into the room i seen her and my god she was naked on the bed.

I know my eyes blew up as i said Kelly what about mark (her husband) she proceeds to say oh he’s out of town now get over here i want to properly thank you for troubles, so i want to pay you with this(pointing to her pussy which is now shaved and very swollen, we locked lips as she unbuttoned my jeans and pulling my 9 1/2 inch rock hard cock.

She started slowing jacking it as she licked some precum oozing from my cockhead, as her right hand helping her guide my cock in her mouth her left hand was rubbing my balls which was FULL of cum since i haven’t shot a load in over a month, as she licked my shaft up and down she spit a huge wad of spit on my dickhead she then took my whole 9.5 inch cock balls deep.

Throwing my head back as I moaned she squeezed my balls as she sped up her bobbing on my cock. FUCK it felt so good, only 5 minutes in i was ready to unload and she knew it. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and laid back as she spread eagle on her bed.

I started rubbing her swollen pussy as she moaned loud, i got on my knees and just started licking, nibbling and sucking on her surprisingly tight cunt. She kept getting louder especially when i started to tongue fuck her tight asshole.

She begged me to finger her so i did one better as i was tongue fucking her asshole i slipped 3 fingers in her soaked cunt with my right and took my left hand stuck two fingers in her wet asshole.

OMG she was going crazy as she screamed FUCK FUCK YES DEEPER so i did one more i slipped 4 fingers in both and ramming her holes deep and hard and before you knew it she screamed so loud as she came all over my face, as she came i had my fist in her ass as i took out my right hand from her cum soaked cunt and i proceeded to lick her throbbing pussy clean.

She could stop screaming for me to fuck her ass, so while she was still spread eagle i slide my cock in her ass and just slammed her so hard her head hit the wall i didn’t stop i needed to unload and when she felt my cock twitching ready to explode she wanted my nut in her mouth.

So i jumped up with her cum and shit on my cock she swallowed as i unloaded, i fucked her throat as deep as i could jam it down her throat as she swallowed every drop moaning and squeezing the cum from my balls till empty.

After that we haven’t stopped fucking since. So every week when i visit my parents i go over and fuck Kelly and every time I cum at least twice. So life is good.

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