Small Romances

by Savanna (SC)

Nancy gave her daughter’s nudity a not all together approving look, although she was quite used to seeing Cara walking around the house without a stitch on. Cara was very casual and confident about doing that that. She was nineteen now, and it was a habit which she had started shortly after the divorce three years ago when it became only the two of them.

Nancy was getting ready to leave for work, and she knew that later Cara would be going off to her classes at the local college.

“Is Delcie coming over?” her mom asked.

“Maybe later,” Cara said as she stood in the kitchen and poured herself a mug of coffee.

Nancy gave her daughter a kind of mother’s suspicious and questioning look. “Is there something going on between the two of you?”

Her mom’s inquiry was not accusing, but merely interested. Cara found it difficult to lie and really saw no reason why she should. “Del and I are sort of having an affair,” she confessed, being honest about the matter.

“That’s sort of the impression that I got,” her mom said with a slight smile of satisfaction in knowing that she had been right in thinking as much.

“We’re not lesbians or anything,” Cara assured, shying away from the term and its implications. “It’s just … Sapphic.”

Her mom hardly looked shocked. Sapphic was more code for bisexual, a somewhat more romantic way of putting it. Certainly it sounded less clinical. She was quite aware that these days that was a trend among females, especially younger ones. It was nothing new, and had actually started to become something of a socially accepted fashion actually at the end of the nineteenth century, and definitely coming more into vogue in the literature of the nineteen-twenties and thirties.

She regarded her daughter’s nakedness once more and smiled in an amused fashion. “Well, you and Delcie have a good time.”

Cara gave a modest but appreciative smile as she took a sip of hr coffee. She was very thankful for her mom not raising a fuss, and being open minded about the matter. With that, her mom left for work.

As she stood there leaning against the counter and having her coffee, Cara pondered her relationship with Delcie, or Del, as she also was known as. She had termed it Sapphic really out of convenience, as this suggested a more innocent and pure type of loving attraction of female friendship. Bisexual meant having an equal attraction to both sexes, and lesbian having just an attraction to other females. Yet, all of this was difficult to define.

She supposed that the bisexual label might apply to her. She had several sexual friendships with other girls starting at the age of eleven. Yet, she liked boys and was strongly attracted to the opposite sex. It was more that she found it fun and pleasing to be with another girl. It was easier and less complicated. But then … she did feel a sexual yearning to be with other girls, that seemed to perhaps have a lesbian shading. In fact, she had actually and quite deliberately seduced Delcie.

The two of them were at college together and Cara had felt an attraction to the dark-haired girl. It had been easy to become friends, and although Del hardly exhibited any bisexual leanings, Cara had managed to introduce the idea that their friendship could include having something of a romantic nature. Even if shyly, Delcie seemed not necessarily opposed to that, and pretty much had allowed herself to be seduced.

There was a knock on the back door.

Cara stepped over to see that it was Del. She opened the door and smiled in a naked greeting. Del smiled back, and pretended surprise at her friend being naked like that as she stepped inside.

“Hi,” Cara said.

“Hi,” Del said back.

They embraced and kissed, each feeling the softness of the other’s lips pressing against their own as they briefly held one another. It felt warm and inviting and Del delighted in this.
“So … are you going to get out of your clothes?’ Cara Teased.

Del smirked. She was just wearing a top and jeans and flip flops. Without no hesitation she quickly dispensed with her attire and was just as naked as Cara was.

They jugged and kissed again. Ss they did, each let a hand slip down to feel the other’s hairy crotch. Neither shaved, instead preferring a natural female hairiness.

“Oh, gosh, Cara …” Del breathed. “If your mom saw us …”

“She knows,” Cara stated rather matter of fact way.

Del was just a bit surprised. “She does?”

“Uh-huh,” Cara confirmed.

Del appeared just a little self-conscious.

“Don’t’ worry. She’s fine with it. She knows that we’re friends.”

“Oh. But friends like that?”

“Yes,” Cara assured.

Del smiled.

“Let’s fuck,” said Cara.

Del gave her friend a quick kiss on the lips and smiled. “Let’s fuck.”

It was bold and fun to say that to each other. Of course fucking referred to a penis, which neither had. Although even in lacking that seemingly essential endowment, they did fuck. They liked to fuck and they fucked a lot. In fact, Del had never been fucked more in her entire life and she loved it.

This is the beginning of an erotic novel that I started to write some time ago, entitled “Small Romances.” I recently came across this, and thought I would share it.


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