Small Cherries for Brother

by Rachel Cherries (Indiana)

My name is Rachel half Italian half Mexican. I am currently 18 years old and live in a small 3 bedroom home just outside of Indy Indiana. I live in a forest preserve area with lots of trees, my house and a mile away from the nearest home.

My parents have a second home in Sedona AZ and stay there most of the time in a beautiful cottage home. My dad is a Forex and Crypto trader and well off. My mom is a sexy woman and is drop dead gorgeous only 37 years old looks like 27 years young. My dad is 40 very handsome and fit. My brother Manny is just as handsome as my dad and build like a stud with big muscles and thick legs.

I was scrawny the first year in high-school and started working out throughout my high-school years and developed a peach butt with a slim waist. My cherries are small but my nipples are pointy and sexy and I'm a bit of a Hotty myself, I look as beautiful as my mom but lack breasts.

Manny is a hunk with big biceps, shoulders, thighs and calves with a round butt. He's a personal trainer at our local mega gym and he trains me for free there. All the older women there can't wait to be trained by him and probably want a taste of his 21 year old body. He's very professional and proper always. I don't believe he has a serious relationship with anyone because he has so many women to choose from.

Manny and I have a jack and jill bedrooms with a bathroom we share and every time he'd shower for the past year I'd spy on him while he was jacking off. I would say that his cock was at least ten inches long and 6and half inches thick and his cum volume was endless and looked yummy.

I started to stretch my pussy over a year ago with a pickle after seeing him cum on a daily basis and I was making progress each week because soon I could fit a cucumber and maybe if I was fortunate enough I could ride his cock.

I started dressing slutty around him at home lately. Our parents were far away. I'd wear lose tank tops exposing my pointy nipples through the fabric and bend down on occasion so that he'd get a great view of my cherries and He preferred to stay home lately, I wonder why.

Friday came by and I told him if we could go to the movies just together. He agreed and I picked a scary movie, I was a slut for my brother with a plan. I took a shower and rub body lotion on all my parts, my pussy smelled like coconut lotion and my cherries were pointy and smelling good. I wore a very short summer dress no panties or bra underneath. My toe nails were freshly pink and wore flip flops. I also wore eyeliner and some blush, I was his bait tonight.

He was impressed and complimented me on my looks and how good I smelled. So off to the AMC cinema we went and he payed for everything and we sat in the dark cinema. I was feeling so slutty next to him and played with my pussy. I pretended of being scared so I sat on his lap without panties, his cock came alive and was under my horny twat all movie long and he was not complaining.

On our way home we were quiet but he looked happy and I told him that I was so scared after watching the movie and I needed to sleep with him in his bed tonight. He politely agreed and said that he would protect me. Manny was a man of a few words but I was hoping that he was a man of action and take what was his.

I knew he slept in the nude always, I crawled in the nude also in front of him and he spooned me his cock was on my pussy and reached all the way to my belly. I whispered to him take what's yours. He gently agreed and entered my folds gently and pushed his manly cock inside my tight pussy and filled me up.. He only got half way inside me. My pussy was no match for his python..

Best day of my life. I came three times all over him. Sucked him off like a pro and cum filled my throat and every drop inside my stomach.. It was salty and sweet 😋. Best snack I've ever had. I slept like a baby till the morning. I'm Manny`s new cum slut and love it. Next day I made him breakfast like normal but we never talked about our experience. There is more to this story stay tuned.

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