Small Cherries for Brother: Part 2

by Rachel Cherries (Indiana)

I was sucking and fucking my brother Manny on a daily basis and was loving his attention. Manny looked tired and worn out lately because of me lately. I was a succubus, a term used in the bible about female demons sucking a man dried. Cum addiction for me was like what a crack whore felt, so I decided to get my fix from other men and give my brother a break. Maybe Manny wanted to meet other women.

Gerald was also a personal trainer at our Gym. I'll describe this man for you. 6 feet 2inches, 220lbs all muscle, no waist and great abs. He also had nice thighs and calves and was in his mid thirties with caramel skin. He was a good smelling man.

I wanted his validation always, my yoga pants would leave nothing to the imagination as I walked passed him exposing my camal toe. I'd also only wore sport bras and looked like a snack. He gave me a personal training session for free, very polite and professional, showed me some boxing moves and bicep triceps exercises.

"Thank you for the lesson" I said. "No sweat Rachel you are very beautiful by the way". I liked his validation and felt my cunt leaking with juices. Can you be my personal trainer? "Sure thing Rachael no need for money".

Me and Gerald started fucking in the morning from then on at my house while Manny was at work. Gerald also had a thick fat long cock and him being a former athlete had endurance and experience. He was a handsome black man. I felt his cock fill my entire pussy pure bliss and ecstasy. I was already on birth control, my pussy was so well stretched and my asshole too. His cum was heavenly nectar. He fed me every other day. I was so happy getting my holes filled by Manny and Gerald.

A month ago I was anemic iron deficient, I was always cold even during the hot humid summers here in Indy. Nowadays early spring and all the nutritional cum, my anemia was a thing of the past. I loved my two lovers sucking on my pointy nipples and devouring my cherries 🍒.

One day I need to settle down with a beta male, only being 18 almost 19 gave me plenty of years to be butt fucked, pussy drilled by all kinds of alpha male cocks. I needed to recruit more men to destroy my cheeks. I liked nice guys, but they would have to wait till my late twenties for their turn.

My crypto trading kept me financially stable for now. I turned 10000 dollars to 50000 in two years from trading. My daddy gave me the money when I turned 16 and showed me the basics of trading. I use the RSI and moving averages only. My story doesn't end yet, it's just starting. Stay tuned.

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