Sleepover with my "Cousin"

by Anonymous

Growing up, my family had really close family friends. When anyone would ask, we would just say we are related.

They had a girl my aged, and she was basically my birth-given best friend. We grew up together, and spend every weekend sleeping over at each other's place.

As we got older, our sleep overs got more and more exciting.

From sneaking out to go to parties, to stealing our parent's alcohol and drinking all night, we had a fair share of good times.

By the time we were 18, we were both exploring with our sexualities, I came out as bi and she was still figuring it out.

One night, I came over to her house, and we were both planning to sneak out and smoke some weed I had bought from some guy at school. We left at around 1 am and smoked until we were both pretty high, then headed back home.

It was midsummer, so while it was night, it was still hot. she was wearing a white tube top and shorts with nothing else, and I could see her beautiful tits through the white shirt.

I tried not to stare, but I couldn't help it. I started to think about the fun we could have and I got sooo wet.

We finally got back and we decide to change into something comfy and just hang. we never left the room while changing, but always just turned around. this time I didn't.

I didn't care if she saw, either. I was so horny that I wanted to see her. she turns around and takes off her shorts, exposing her round ass. She then takes off her shirt, but turns around to find something to wear. that's when she sees me watching.

"Like what you see, huh?" she jokes. I was so taken back that she didn't freak.

"Yes, actually. why don't you come here so I can have a closer look", I kinda joke back.

To my surprise, she does, and goes to take off my top. I grab a handful of her titty and start sucking. she moans so softly, but it was so sexy. once we are both naked, we move to her bed and start making out.

She slowly moves her hand down my body, from my face, to my tits, to my pussy, which is now soaking. She rubs my clit slowly but with firm pressure, and I moan with pleasure.

She pulls away and takes her finger, dripping in my juices, and licks them clean. that turns me on so much and I beg her to make me cum. she goes down on me, not wasting any time and eats me out, making me cum more times than I can count.

We end up having sex all night, and fall asleep naked, each other's arms. we wake up around noon, got ready, and go out to smoke again.

We both flirt all morning, making each other so horny. We go to a friend's house and smoke and chill for a while, then head back home to finally be alone again.

Our nights of sneaking out and partying have turned to staying in and fucking, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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