Sleeping With Mom

by Anonymous

My parents divorced when I was thirteen. Before their divorce, I didn’t go in their room much, but after the divorce, mom was so depressed that I not only would go in there to check on her, but I wound up sleeping with her five or more nights a week. NO, there was nothing sexual.

She was sad and I would go in there and cuddle with her and get her to sleep. I didn’t have a sexual desire for her during this period of time.

I was sixteen and still sleeping with her most nights. A neighbor and friend discovered this and sat us both down to say that I should not be sleeping with my mother at his age. But, she didn’t look at it as a sexual thing at all.

I didn’t either, but seeing her get out of bed in the morning wearing these extremely thin shirts or skimpy panties were taking their toll on me. When mom asked me later, when it was just the two of us, I finally admitted that sometimes I did get a feeling seeing her in some of the things she wore.

I began sleeping in my own bed, but once in a while, mom would wear a full length very non sexual and non desirable nightgown and ask me to sleep with her. By this time I was eighteen. I will never forget the morning she woke up first and wanted to make breakfast.

I was asleep when she pulled back the sheets. I had a major piss hard on. The head of my cock was sticking out of the top of my underwear. She gasped and it woke me up. She pointed down to my cock. As I leaned up I saw the head was out and covered it with my hand and ran to the bathroom.

When I walked into the kitchen, mom said, “I see that we should not be sleeping together as you were obviously excited this morning sleeping with me.” I explained it was due to me needing to piss and was not sexual.

In my mother’s mind, she felt like she wasn’t sexy at all. After that night, she wanted me to sleep with her a little more. She began wearing things that were of thinner material or a little more revealing. After a few different nights, I woke up one Sunday morning.

Mom was laying there watching me. As soon as I opened my eyes, she reached down and felt my cock. I jumped out of bed asking what was she doing. Mom stated she just wondered if my cock was hard every morning because I had to pee. What I did next was what changed our relationship.

Mom began wearing sexier outfits. It was so obvious what she was doing. I didn’t know if she was just teasing or she was willing to have sex. I had made up my mind that I would willingly fuck her if I had the chance. Over the next few weeks she would check my cock in the morning and her tops were getting smaller. I began thinking not only about fucking her, but what got me overly excited was the thought of shooting my load inside her. I don’t know why, but that thought alone was driving my desire.

So, one evening mom and I were watching tv. She left the room and came back wearing skimpy panties and a tiny little top. It had spaghetti straps and covered only her tits. It was loose fitting and very thin. Her nipples were poking through. This was by far the skimpiest thing to date. We went to bed and cuddled.

My cock pressed firmly against her ass. My arm over her bumping against the bottom of her breasts. We fell asleep. The next morning I woke up first. My cock was hard, but she was asleep. My erection was softening. As she was tossing around about to wake up, I began thinking of cumming inside of her.

That thought was all I needed. My cock now hard, I pulled the front of my underwear down to the point most of my cock was exposed. I jumped out of bed then told her to look. She sprung up out of bed and quickly crawled over to my side. She poked at it with her finger a few times then I said I was going to piss.

I made it to the door then stopped. I turned and asked, “do you want to help?” She jumped out of bed and followed me quickly into the bathroom. I dropped my pants to my ankles. She grabbed my stiff cock and stroked it a few times. I reminded her I couldn’t piss if it was hard, so she let it soften in her hands. She held it as I pissed and I guided her hand.

When I was done, she whispered in my ear that she liked it better hard. I turned and stepped out of my underwear and looked at her then told her to make it hard. Mom dropped to her knees sucking my cock. She kept stroking it as she sucked on it.

Licking the head as she moved to the tip. I pulled her up and asked if I could cum inside her. She replied, “honey, I’m not on birth control.” With a sad look, she continued, “YES, oh god yes, you can cum inside me!!!”

I picked her up and tossed her on the bed. She ripped off her panties. There was this perfectly groomed hairy pussy. She ripped off her top to expose those nice firm plump breasts with hard nipples. She spread her legs and ran her fingers around her nipples and asked, “I have wanted you for years, please make love to me.”

My cock hard and wet, I got on top of her and positioned my cock. Slowly I slid the head inside and paused. Her legs and lower body was quivering in excitement. With just the head in, she looked up at me and said, “honey, I am yours. I love you and will do ANYTHING you wish or desire.” I pushed my entire cock inside of her. Even with my body weight on top of her, she arched her back lifting me up and screamed out in pleasure.

Slowly I pumped a few times. Mom looked up at me and begged me to fuck her every day going forward. I nodded yes and she began moaning. A few more strokes and she screamed out, “FUCK THAT PUSSY!!! THAT IS YOUR PUSSY. I WANT YOU TO FUCK MY PUSSY. SHOW ME THAT IS YOUR PUSSY!!!!!!”

I began pounding her hard. Her fingernails were digging into my back. She was drawing blood and it just felt amazing instead of painful. The harder I went the more she screamed in pleasure. I was fucking her as hard as I could when the excitement was more than I could handle.

I stopped, looked down at her and told her I was going to cum. She begged, “Please cum inside of me. I want to feel you inside of me as you cum.” As I began to cum, we locked eyes. Mom mouthed the words as I was cumming, “I love you.”

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