Sleeping Bag

by Robert (Edmonton, Canada)

We, two girls and three boys – all in the 20s, were on a mountain trail for rambling. We reached almost the top when we started to feel cold as the evening was drawing in and due to altitude. We chose a camping site to stay for the night. Yes, the night became colder to bear – we had only three single and two medium size sleeping bags.

One girl, Liz, did not bring her sleeping bag or good blanket. At about mid-night Liz was shaking with cold and I offered her to share my sleeping bag. This provided us with some level of comfort but stuffing this little known girl together in my bag and closed the zipper was somewhat tight.

I felt awkward to place my arm in right place to sleep and Liz noticed my uncomfortable position and asked me to put my hand around her. Now I was spooning very tightly with a girl I had known for a very short time. I had never been with a girl so close by but the feeling of spooning with a warm and pleasant smelling female was too exciting for me. We chatted a bit before attempting to sleep. And I asked if she was OK. She gently squeezed my hand that was over her. The feeling of awkwardness disappeared soon!

I was about to drift into sleep when suddenly I realized that Liz’s bum was pressing against my abdomen and I was holding her with an arm across her upper body. I felt blood started rushing to my young body and I had a growing hard-on. Soon, she was pressed against my erection and there was nothing I could do to hide it, so I just laid perfectly still for some time. My sleep was gone!!

Then she made some slow movement of her torso. Very subtle and slow movement of her hips took her butt up and down my dick. It was driving me crazy and by then I was quite certain she was willingly to play with me so I squeezed even more tightly against her body and she squeezed my hand with hers drawing it towards her breasts.

I noticed the pace of her breathing quickened. She guided my hand underneath her braless t-shirt. I took her lead and pushed my hand inside, feeling her warm, smooth skin of her small but firm breasts. Her tits were fully fitted to hold in my palm. The little nips went hard as soon as I touched them. Finally, I nested one of her breasts in my hand, gently squeezing the nipple between my thumb and index finger.

She turned her head to the side and I managed to place a kiss on the side of her lips. But she stuck her tongue out and the tops of our tongues played with each other. I could feel her unbuttoning her sleeping pj. I took that as an invitation, so I pulled my hand away from her crotch to unbutton my boxer. I pulled my boxer down enough to pull my penis out. Then I tried to slowly slide my erect cock between her thighs but ended in the warm space over a little patch of pubic hairs.

Once my hand found the warm and moist folds of her warm pussy she trembled a bit in my arms. I pressed my palm against the broad area of her clitoris and moved it up and down very slowly with a firm and steady pressure. It seemed to be working well as my index finger slipped inside of her wet slit and she was trembling a bit. It drove me mad with excitement. She was breathing heavily and was strongly pressing her hand on mine and gripping my hand tightly with her thighs.

She felt encouraged enough to extend her hand back towards my body to hold my erect throbbing cock. The knob of my cock slid between her thighs, with most of the shaft still between her buns. However, she was positioned a bit lower than me and the angle was impossible - it would not slide properly into her vagina, but stay shallow and fall out after a couple of slow thrusts.

Every now and then I would lift my body to reach my head over her and allow for our tongues to play. On one such occasion the tip of my cock slid between her butt cheeks. It felt even better to slide my cock between her firm buns so I just left it there. She would squeeze her muscles from time to time. Minutes into the act we realized her asshole might eventually open up enough to accommodate me.

I prolonged the slow pushes maintaining the pressure of my cock on her sphincter until I felt she was relaxing her anal hole. My cock was still soaked with her juices from the unsuccessful attempts to enter her pussy and I produced lots of pre-cum in my arousal.

Soon enough, I moved in extremely gentle and slow strokes, just pushing the glans a few millimeters back and forth. And I realized I was inside of her. I was so engrossed in the amazing feeling that I honestly had no idea how long we fucked until I felt the waves of orgasm overpowering her body. I was afraid she would lose control and start moaning loudly, but she rode through breathing heavily but keeping the voice under control. I was really hoping our friends nearby were sleeping deeply because our deep breaths and muffled moans dominated that small shelter.

Soon, I felt the incoming landslide of a climax myself. As her long and slow orgasm reached its peak the grip with which her contracting anus clenched my shaft became too much for me and I started coming strongly, contracting my muscles to an eruptive orgasm. As I allowed my body to relax I felt massive amounts of sperm depositing somewhere deep inside of her, I felt like my body was melting and merging with hers.

I held her in a tight embrace, planting kisses on the back of her neck and inhaling the amazing smell of her hair. And I just felt completely united with this girl I knew little about her. “Thank you,” she whispered, “it was great!”

Was there any answer to it? I was falling asleep and in love at the same time; and my consciousness was too weak and tired to resist it.

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