Skip’s Friends

by Carol (Florida)

Hi I’m Carol and I’m a masseuse. I massaged this big bald black man named Skip and I got more then I bargained for. Skip fucked me with his humongous black cock and when he was done with me, my pussy was so sore and Skip says I’m going to tell my friends about you.

It’s been a few days and my phone rings. I answer and it’s a man named Sam and he says I’m a friend of Skip’s. I ask him what time and he says whenever I’m not going anywhere. I get his address and jump in the shower. I put on my dress but I’m naked underneath.

I drive to Sam’s house pull in the driveway and ring the bell. I hear Sam say it’s open. I walk in and ask where are you. He says in my bedroom. I walk into the bedroom and there’s Sam. He’s short and very overweight with a big belly. Sam says my god Carol you’re gorgeous.

I laugh and say thank you Sam and he says you’ve got great tits too. I tell Sam to lay on his belly as I put warm oil on him I begin to massage him and Sam says Carol that feels great. I tell him I’m glad you like it. I’m now going up and down his legs sand going underneath the towel to rub his ass cheeks.

Sam is now moaning and humping the bed. I asked what are you doing and Sam says I’m picturing you underneath me and me fucking you. I tell him Sam I’m here to massage you and that’s it. He laughs and says ok Carol. I tell Sam to turn over and I start to massage his front.

Sam’s cock is so big he’s pitching a huge tent under the towel. I’m massaging Sam’s chest and stomach working my way down to his legs. I’m going up and down his legs and I go under the towel to run Sam’s big black balls. Sam is going crazy grabbing at my tits.

He says Carol please let me see your tits. I grab Sam’s hand and put it on the zipper of my dress. Sam sees my tits and goes crazy, sucking my nipples. Sam lifts me up a slams me down on his big black cock. OMG Sam fuck me. Sam says take it all my white slut.

Oh yes Sam fill my pussy with your cock. Sam use me as your slut and Sam says I intend too. OMG I’m cumming all over Sam’s cock. He makes me climb off him and clean his cock. Sam says taste you cum slut and I love cleaning cocks.

I’m laying down and Sam gets in between my legs and put his huge black cock inside me. I’m in heaven as Sam’s cock is deep, very deep in my pussy. I’m cumming again and Sam fills my pussy with his cum. Sam rolls me over and I’m on all fours and his cum is leaking from my pussy.

I feel Sam’s cock rubbing my ass and I tell him no not my ass. Sam says you’ll do as I say slut now open your ass to me. What am I going to do as Sam says now bitch. He slaps my ass hard so I open my ass to him. I feel his cock slowly work inside my ass.

I love anal but only Rocky has fucked my ass. Sam’s cock is all the way in and he starts to fuck my ass. Sam is slamming my ass and slapping my ass cheeks hard. He says how does my black cock feel in your white ass. I love it Sam I love it.

Sam cums deep in my ass as he puts his cock in my mouth saying to me clean my cock Carol. I do as I’m told and I clean and suck his cock dry. I can’t believe this old man wants to fuck me again. I spread my legs and say give me your big black cock Sam.

He slams his cock inside me and I know I won’t be seeing any other clients today so I lay back and let Sam do whatever he wants to me. I hope there are more of Skip’s friends wanting a massage by me.

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