Sitting On Stepdad

by Oversexed (Oceania)

When I was in my early teens my parents separated but mum soon found a new partner, he was an Englishman in his mid 30s nice looking and a nice lean body, my mum said it was ok for me to call him dad which I did, we used to watch the television at nights and very often I would sit on his lap.

I used to wiggle my backside and line my pussy up with his cock, I used to give him a cheeky smile when I knew I was responsible for getting his big cock stiff, I knew he enjoyed it as much as I did and I had a feeling my mother knew what was going on.

I would give him and mum a kiss goodnight and head off to bed that is when the fun started, I would remove my little panties and finger my already wet pussy hole, I would lay there rubbing my clitoris fantasizing about the big fat hard cock I had been sitting on, this of course would finish up with a beautiful orgasm, oh how I would love my dad to be my first fuck.

I remember one night mum walked into my bedroom and found me masturbating but I just kept going thinking about dads cock, dad told me much later that mum told him that she had caught me in the act and that both had a very hot sex that night.

Mum had even suggested that I should come and join in, sorry it didn’t happen, I remember when mum visited her sister interstate that I had watched TV with dad and was sitting on his lap when he got a hard on.

I went to bed but got up for a glass of water and to my surprise caught dad wanking his cock, he did not see me but I stood and watched him until the hot semen spurted all over his belly, I also loved that his cock was bald so I guess mum and dad shaved their genitals.

Well time went on and I got older but still enjoyed sitting on dads lap and his rock hard penis, mum had minor surgery and had to stay in hospital for two nights but dad and I did our usual thing with me sitting on his stiff cock and watching TV.

This night was different though as it was hot and dad was sitting in a vest and underpants, I asked if it was ok if I sat in a T shirt and knickers to that he said sure it’s very warm, I sat on him again and I am sure he could feel my wet juices seeing through my pants.

Dad said how would you like to do something different tonight so with great anticipation said yes, he said how about if we take our clothes of, I could not get undressed quick enough but noticed a wet patch on his undies which was caused by his leaking pecum.

I sat my little pussy onto his big beautiful shaved cock and started to let it slide along my crack, oh my goodness was this going to be the night that I had been waiting for. Dad told me to lay on the table and open my legs he then pulled up a chair and started licking my pussy.

I noticed his arm was moving so I knew he was rubbing his hot cock while sliding his tongue in and out of my pussy hole, he then carried me to my bedroom and started kissing, I could not handle it any longer I just had to wrap my hand around that big hard cock.

He layed back on the bed and I started licking his cock and balls my first taste of man juice, he stared sucking my little tits and slid his fingers into my hot wet pussy, he then whispered in my ear that he was going to put his big cock into me he also mentioned that he could leave it in and fill me up with spunk because he had a vacectomy when he was 29.

I nearly cum at the thought of this beautiful big cock cumming in me, with that he rolled me over and put the end of his cock into my hole, oh how I have wished this would happen for years, he gently slid it all the way in so I moved my buttocks back and forth to meet his plunging cock.

I must have just about woken the neighbors up as I yelped out with a scream as I had a massive orgasm all over his cock, he was still going but I arched my back as I had another orgasm at the same time that I could feel that throbbing cock filling my pussy with hot semen, we both layed there panting for a while but he eventually slid down my body and started licking my pussy clean, I am sure he enjoyed the taste of his and my cum.

Well mum came home and things got back to normal, me sitting on dads lap and getting him hard, soon after mum got a night job packing the shelves in the local supermarket, sure enough dad and I would have the most amazing sex but I am sure he had a big appetite for sex as I would hear mum and dad fucking when mum got home, dad used to say it turned him on sliding his already damp cock covered with both of our cum into mums hot pussy.

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