by David (Los Angeles)

Let me start out by saying that I love my wife but as we have been growing older she is becoming less sexual in every way. Over the past few years there has been zero oral sex of any kind and we used to have great oral sex. I love eating pussy and having a woman orgasm on my face while I am eating her.

My sister-in-law is five years younger than my wife and ten years younger than me but at our mid life ages it hardly seems to matter now. I might add that I am eleven years younger than my sister-in-law’s husband. You can do the math. Debbie (my sister-in-law) has been very unhappy in her marriage as she has told my wife and honestly it is obvious to anyone who spends time with them. They have two children together so Debbie feels “obligated” to stay with him. Debbie was a high school athlete and played volleyball in college. She is in very good shape and her legs still look like she is in college.

At a family pool party Debbie and I were sitting away from the family at a couple of chairs on the opposite side of the pool from where the bar is and the eating tables. We were drinking damm good Margaritas and I must admit I was a little buzzed. Debbie were always friendly with one another and got along very well. There were never any sexual innuendos or anything like that, which is what made this day such a surprise.

Anyway we were sitting, talking as we were watching the kids and enjoying our Margaritas when out of nowhere Debbie blurts out “I have never had an orgasm with Rick.” Obviously Rick is her husband. I was totally taken off guard and surprised. I voiced my fake surprise at the statement, Rick truly looks like a dud in bed. What I also said is that I was surprised that she voiced that to me out loud. She replied she thought I should know.

After talking about this for a while I asked her if there was anything I could do about it. I was half kidding but only half in case she was open to the idea. To my surprise she said yes there was. After some more conversation about the issue of her sister I revealed that her sister and I have not had great sex over the past few years. She said she knew because her and her sister talked about this kind of thing since they were teenagers. Debbie said she had thought about sex with me for a while and was now comfortable with the idea having justified the issue of cheating for the both of us.

When the party ended we said our usual goodbyes and Debbie said “keep in touch” and hugged me goodbye. My wife works nights three to four nights per week so my calendar is pretty open. COVID has me working from home which also helps. One day with her kids and husband away from her house for the day she invited me up to her house. Once I got there I was greater with smiles, the usual hug and a “glad you could make it” comment.

Debbie asked if I could make us a Margarita and asked if I wanted to sit in the jacuzzi for a while. Naturally I agreed, looking at Debbie in a bathing suit has always been fine with me. We sat in the jacuzzi and talked about all kinds of things but nothing sexual. I made us another round on Margaritas. When we were about halfway through the second margarita Debbie looked at me and said she always thought I was handsome and sexy.

I am six foot two and weigh two hundred pounds with a feint looking six pack. I have to admit I am in pretty good shape still working out four to five days per week and I am a pretty healthy eater, most of my bad calories are alcohol. Debbie is five foot eight and maybe weighs one hundred and forty pounds, nice natural breasts and knockout legs and butt. I thanked her and told her I thought she was beautiful with awesome legs. She laughed but did say she worked hard to keep them in shape.

I started to get a little turned on at this point. Debbie hopped up to the side of the jacuzzi and to my surprise she had taken the bottom of her bathing suit off, I didn’t even notice with the jacuzzi bubbles on full force. Anyway here I am looking at this dripping wet shaved pussy, I looked into Debbie’s eyes but said nothing, moved to between her legs and gently started licking her pussy. Debbie let out a small groan as I continued to lick her pussy. It tasted so good.

As I was licking her pussy I pulled off my board shorts and just kept eating this juicy pussy. It did not take long when I felt Debbie’s body begin to tighten up and then she orgasmed and squirted in my mouth! I never moved my face from her pussy I kept eating her when finally she said “stop stop stop, I can’t take it anymore!” I stopped and moved back slightly and watched her. After a minute or so she said “oh my god, that felt so fucking good, I am so sensitive.”

Debbie slid back down into the jacuzzi and reached for my cock, which was rock hard. She grabbed it saying it was way bigger than Rick’s. I am a solid cut eight inches and I get very hard. I hopped up to the side of the jacuzzi and Debbie sucked and licked my cock for what seemed an eternity. I was getting closer and closer to cumming when Debbie said “I can taste your precum” and soon after I exploded into her mouth. It was an explosive orgasm and some cum spilled out of her mouth and down my cock. She stroked my cock and licked the last drop of cum off the head of my cock. That made me shiver.

She pulled me back into the jacuzzi and said that was amazing and it really was. She laid between my legs with her back to me and I rubbed her shoulders. She was very tense in her shoulders so I offered to give her a massage.

We went into her bedroom and I gave her an oily shoulder massage on her bed. After a bit I turned her over, oiled her breasts and tummy and just sensually rubbed her all over. Debbie pulled me down, stroked my cock and inserted my cock into her pussy. I slowly entered her with my entire length, she moaned a little and gave me the hardest wet kiss, I think her tongue was licking my tonsils. We “made out” while I slowly jumped her.

After just a few minutes we were fucking full force in virtually every position I knew of. Debbie must have orgasmed a dozen times. Finally it was time for me to cum again (I usually can only cum once) I put Debbie on her back with her legs spread wide and humped as fast as I could until I came again inside her letting out an uncontrolled moan of my own. We were both sweaty and out of breath but 100% satisfied.

As we lay in the afterglow Debbie states “this is NOT going to be the last time we do this.”

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