Sister's Visit

by Joe Manusa (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

I was in my senior year in college and had talked my 18 year old sister to come visit me. She came down on a Friday. I had told my frat brothers my hot girl friend was coming to visit, Cindy (my sister of course) liked the idea.

It was early afternoon when she arrived on campus. Cindy threw her arms around my neck and pulled my head down so we could kiss. We had a long deep kiss. Our tongues played with each other. When we came up for some air Cindy smiled and said "why didn't we do this before?"

We went up to the room I shared with 2 other guys and got comfortable. Cindy ripped off her clothes and I dropped my jeans onto the floor. My hard 8" cock was pointing straight up. My sister's nipples on her perky b-cup tits looked like eraser ends.

I was surprised to see her pussy shaved bare. I asked Cindy when she started to shave her cunt, she told me mom had said I liked shave pussy's. It's true mom had always kept her pussy shaved and I had become a fan of the bare cunt.

"Sis, I think we need to do some serious fucking," I stated. Cindy sat back on a thickly padded chair we had and spread her legs. I quickly got to my knees and started to lick my sister's sopping wet pussy.

She was horny in anticipation of what was to come next. My sister soon exploded spraying her juices on my face (yes she squirts). Cindy was begging for me to fuck her.

I pulled myself up and my sister grabbed my cock and pulled it into her yearning cunt. Cindy's legs locked me in as I started to pump my cock into her. We quickly found a rhythm where we took each other to the edge of Ecstasy and back.

Cindy had slid down in the chair and now I was on top of her and moved her legs up onto my shoulders. I drove my cock into my sister's cunt till I exploded a load of cum into her.

I was so filled with desire for my sister that I did not lose my erection. I kept fucking my sister. She had several orgasms during our fucking. (She would tell me later she has always been multi-orgasmic). It would be another 15 minutes before my 2nd orgasm.

Cindy and I went down to dinner that night in the frat houses dining room. My sister wore only one of my football jerseys which barely covered her ass. My cum was still dripping from her cunt.

Sunday when Cindy finally had to leave she looked at me and said "I tell mom you said hi."

I jokingly said "you could let her eat your cunt so she could taste me."

My sister with a very serious face said "why do you think I am keeping your cum from this morning inside me." She then hopped in her car and drove home.

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